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Development Kits for TS-ARM Embedded Systems

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  • TS-ARM SBC is not included
  • ARM-Linux OS out-of-the-box
  • Flash media with Debian-ARM
  • GNU development tool-chain
  • Native C/C++ development
  • Digital documentation/manuals
  • Utility Media with full SBC resources
  • Kernel and examples source code
  • All required cables and connectors
  • Extra development accessories
  • Regulated DC power supply

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Our Development Kits for TS-ARM Single Board Computers include all equipment needed to boot into the operating system of choice and get started with user application development. Single Board Computer sold separately.

Hardware Description

Using a Development Kit along with one of our Single Board Computers is the easiest way to get started developing systems and applications with embedded ARM based single board computers from Technologic Systems.  KIT-ARM includes an appropriate mix of the following items, based on the Single Board Computer selected:

  • Flash Memory Media (Compact Flash for TS-7200, USB for TS-7250 and TS-7260, SD Card with USB interface for TS-7300, TS-7400 and TS-7800)
    • Complete Debian Linux distribution for ARM
    • GNU GCC C/C++ compiler with full tool-chain enabling native application development
    • build tools and source for JFFS2 file system in onboard Flash.
    • hardware test routines and other example source code
    • Debian package system: apt-get, tasksel, dselect
  • USB Compact Flash reader (7200 only)
  • 5 VDC power supply  (international versions available)
  • DB9+DB25 NULL modem cable
  • Adapter cable from 10-pin header to DB9 (whenever this header is present on the selected board)
  • Various cables for connection to DIO, LCD, Keypad, etc. (whenever these headers are present on the selected board)
  • Utility Media (CD, USB Flash or SD Card, depending on the selected board) with complete source, manuals, example code, etc.

Single Board Computer is sold separately. For a description of what is included in the Kit for a specific SBC, please refer to the price & options section of this page. Contact Technologic Systems for further information.

Note: KIT-ARM picture shown with USB-Compact Flash adapter, USB Flash drive, power supply, 10 pin to DB9 cable, null modem cable, 14-pin ribbon cable, 16-pin ribbon cable, documentation and CD. Single Board Computer and penguin not included.

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