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Rugged Metal Enclosure

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Lifecycle: Fully Developed Product
Release Date: August 2004

Available Features

  • Model TS-ENC720-7200 for TS-7200, TS-7250, TS-8100 and TS-8160
  • Model TS-ENC720-7260 for TS-7260 and TS-7800
  • Model TS-ENC720-7350 for TS-7350
  • Power converter: 8-30V DC to 5V DC
  • 8-38V DC to 5V DC for the TS-7800
  • Surge suppression on power input
  • Sturdy metal design reduces noise
  • COM ports adapted to 9 pin Sub-D
  • Dimensions 2-1/2x4-3/8x5-3/8 inch
  • Power good LED visible
  • Ethernet Status LEDs visible
  • Extra DB9: COM3 or 8 DIO or 8 A/D

Additional Information
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This rugged metal enclosure is made to house Technologic Systems Single Board Computers in the most hostiles environments, protecting the internal electronics and increasing the general system reliability. In addition, it makes board utilization easier by bringing out a regulated power supply and computer's I/O interfaces through standard connectors.

Hardware Description

The TS-ENC720 metal enclosure is made to house the TS-7200, TS-7250, TS-7260, TS-7350, TS-7800, TS-8100, or TS-8160 Single Board Computer and two PC/104 peripheral boards.* The switching power regulator efficiently converts 8-30 VDC input (8-38 VDC for the TS-7800) into regulated +5 VDC required by the SBC.

For further information on this product, please contact Technologic Systems or refer to the manual.


* Note: The TS-DIO64 and the TS-9700 with the DAC option both have connectors that do not fit into the TS-ENC720.

* Note: The second Ethernet or reset button of the TS-8100 or TS-8160 is not compatible with this enclosure.

Software Description

Software information not available for this product. For further information on this product, please contact Technologic Systems or refer to the manual.


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