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Linux for ARM on TS-7000 Embedded Computers


Technologic Systems is proud to support the Linux Kernel operating system on our single board computers. On this page you will find information about support and manuals, available Linux Kernels and distributions, application development for ARM-Linux, and other useful resources related to the GNU/Linux OS running on our TS-7000 series ARM based products.

Note on versions: The Linux Kernel is available for all the TS-7000 single board computers. The TS-7200 series and the System-on-Modules use the version 2.4 as the default, although version 2.6 is also available for user development/installation. The TS-7800 series and the LCD-Ready FPGA Computers uses the 2.6 as the default Kernel (except the TS-7300).

Linux for ARM9 Cirrus EP9302 SoC


Cirrus EP9302 SoC

The ARM processor (the EP9302) comes from Cirrus and the platform is very similar to the Cirrus EDB9302 evaluation board. Cirrus has strongly promoted running Linux on this chip and has done most of the legwork in creating a patch set to the Linux 2.4 kernels, but we have also had to modify the Linux Kernel so it can support the 8MB on-board Flash chip (via mtd drivers), the compact flash IDE driver, and the A/D converter. If you want to use Linux and aren't tied to the x86 architecture, the TS-7000 boards can be very cost-effective.

The EP9302 processor from Cirrus is the highly integrated 200Mhz ARM9 processor that the TS-7000 SBCs are built around and includes an on-chip 10/100 ethernet, USB, serial, and Flash/SDRAM controller. For example, on the TS-7200 model there is 32 Mb of Micron SDRAM running at 66 Mhz and 8 Mb of Intel Strata flash on-board. A supplemental PLD provides glue logic, watchdog timer, Compact Flash IDE, and 8 bit PC/104 support. Integer CPU performance is about 20% faster than our 133 Mhz x86 offerings.

Linux 2.4 support

The TS-Kernel is currently based upon the Kernel version 2.4.26, patched for the Cirrus EP9301 ARM920T processor, similar to the EDB9301 platform. It includes specific modifications to completely support the TS-7000 computers. Technologic Systems is constantly improving the TS-Kernel -- the latest versions are:

  • ts8 version with TS-7250 support - Kernel source and modules (03-01-2005)
  • ts9 version with TS-7260 support - Kernel source and modules (10-27-2005)
  • ts10 version with TS-7300 support - Kernel source and modules (04-10-2006)
  • ts11 version(TS-72xx & TS-7300) - last stable - Kernel source and modules (07-05-2006)
  • ts11 version(TS-7400) - last stable - Kernel source and modules (03-02-2007)

Real-Time for Linux 2.4 support

The TS-Kernel features real-time extension through the ADEOS and "Classic" RTAI 3.2 (Magma branch) support for the EP9301 ARM9 processor, providing an advanced environment for the development of real-time applications with embedded Linux. The RTAI API is available for real-time programming in both kernel space and user space (LXRT scheduler). This port allows developers to build automation real-time control systems with inexpensive TS-7000 hardware.

Linux 2.6 support

Technologic Systems offers the 2.6 Kernel for the TS-7200 series as a option for customers. (11-16-2007)

Linux for ARM9 Marvell MV88F5182 SoC


Marvell MV88F5182 SoC

The Marvell MV88F5182 is a high performance, highly integrated, Storage Networking System Engine based on Marvell proprietary, ARMv5TE-compliant, CPU core. It is clocked at 500Mhz, uses DDR-SDRAM memory controller and provides a 32-bit PCI bus for internal/external peripheral integration. It is a high-end processor that can run PC-class applications at low-power and high-reliability. For peripherals, the MV88F5182 provides dual SATAII ports, a gigabit Ethernet MAC, dual high-speed USB2.0 host/slave and dual UART. Technologic Systems added extra features to its TS-7800 series using the MV88F5182 SoC, such as 2k-page on-board NAND flash, SD Card sockets and extra serial ports.

Linux 2.6 support

The basic Linux Kernel support for the MV88F5182 SoC was provided by Marvell's board support package using Kernel version 2.6.12. Technologic Systems upgraded to version 2.6.21 and also modified the default Linux port to enable the TS-7800 boards to boot Linux under 2 seconds either from NAND flash or SD Cards, using an initial RAM disk. Also, complete driver support for the extra hardware peripheral provided by us (NAND, SD, serial, PC/104 peripherals, accessories) was added to the Kernel. Technologic Systems is constantly improving the TS-7800 series Kernel. The latest Kernel source tree is provided through the link below:

Embedded Linux Distributions



The TS-7200 SBC's are shipped standard with the TS-Linux embedded distribution installed in the on-board Flash memory. TS-Linux is a compact Linux distribution, based on Busybox, ideal for small footprint systems and used as a demonstration OS on the TS-7200 computers.

The TS-Linux is not available for the TS-7800 series.

Debian Linux Development Distribution

Our ARM-with-MMU computers feature a PC-class processor in everything but power consumption and performance, it has no problem running real PC-class operating systems such as Linux. By running the full version of Linux, our ARM SBCs can run the entire suite of applications contained in the Debian Linux distribution including the compilers for embedded development.

The Debian is a full-featured and powerful Linux distribution mostly based upon GNU tools. It includes everything necessary to easily run Linux. In addition, various original Linux utilities and installation tools are available to make system utilization and packages updating easy. The default Debian Linux distribution provided by Technologic Systems contains compilers and everything needed for developing applications in C, C++, PERL, PHP, and SH. Java, BASIC, TCL, Python and others are also available for Debian, but not installed by default. However, one can easily update the system with the desired software via the apt-get tool.

In addition, the following preliminary Debian distros are available for download:


Embedded Application Development


Eclipse IDE

Technologic Systems provides an Eclipse IDE for Linux embedded development with the TS-7800 that runs out-of-the-box from an SD Card in a Windows PC.

C/C++ Sample Applications

Technologic Systems provides C/C++ sample source code for Linux and its ARM single board computers. Applications include demo code for LCD, Keypad, DIO, temperature sensor, ADC, etc. The applications can be either cross-compiled using a provided cross-compiler or compiled natively using the Debian distribution.

Cross toolchains for Linux

Cross toolchains for Cygwin


Support for ARM-Linux


ARM-Linux Documents

ARM-Linux Repositories

Technologic Systems makes a wide variety of Linux supporting files for our ARM Linux computers available for downloading through our FTP server.

The main repositories in our FTP server are:

In addition, Linux drivers and user-space tools for our peripherals and other products can be fount at the following locations:

Learn more about our FTP repository and main download resources here.

ARM-Linux Development Kit

The TS-ARM Development Kit is an out-of-the-box solution that includes all equipment required to boot into the Linux OS and start working. It is highly recommended for a quick start on application development with Linux and our TS-7200 or TS-7800 computers.

Other Linux Developments by TS


Technologic Systems constantly improves its products using advanced Linux techniques closely coupled with the processor's architecture, SBC hardware and booting firmware.