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About Technologic Systems, Inc.

Embedded solutions company with 33 years of quality, long-term solutions helping more than 8,000 OEM customers without ever discontinuing a product.

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16525 East Laser Drive,
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Quick Facts

  • 32 years in business
  • Over 100 standard products
  • Offer custom hardware and software design serivces
  • Never discontinued a product
  • Fully operated in the USA
  • Over 8000 OEM customers
  • Customers spread over 50 countries worldwide
  • No customer accounts for more than 5% of sales
  • ISO-9001:2008 certified

Built on rock solid values. 33 years of understanding the needs of our customers and delivering lasting solutions.

We've helped more than 8k OEM customers and built over a hundred COTS products that have never been discontinued. Our commitment to quality-certified products, low prices, personable customer support, original solutions, and open source vision has allowed our business to flourish in a very competitive marketplace.

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ISO-9001 Certification Badge

Serious about quality. Ensuring quality products are delivered into your hands.

We have been assessed and found complying with the requirements of ISO-9001:2008 by Management Certification of North America (or MCNA), an ANAB-accredited certification body, under the scope of design, manufacture, and service of a wide variety of custom and standard single board computers, computer-on-modules, touch panel computers, peripherals, and industrial controllers that satisfy most embedded systems project requirements.

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Dedicated experts. Engineering fueled by a passion for making top-tier products and solutions that work together.

Our engineers are experienced in all aspects of embedded system design. We can modify existing products or design a completely custom solution. Because our engineers design only embedded systems, we can reduce the risk associated with your embedded project, decrease your time to market, and often complete projects at a lower cost than an in-house design.

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Products and Services

Single Board Computers

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Our embedded single board computers (SBC) are rugged, low power and reasonably priced. They are fanless designs with temperature range of -20 °C to +70 °C, industrial grade -40 °C to +85 °C also available. Our boards use conventional development tools, reducing risk and giving you a competitive edge in fast-moving markets, and are backed by the best life cycle guarantee in the industry.


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Our embedded Computer-on-Modules (COM) are interchangeable CPU core modules that securely connect to a carrier board and integrate most standard functions. Our modules are fanless, low power designs with all parts soldered on. Use one of our many standard carrier boards or design your own. Start your embedded system around our Computer-on-Modules to reduce project risk and accelerate time to market.

Touch Panel PCs

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The Touch Panels we design are low-cost industrial-grade computers with video and audio capabilities. They require no fans and can be powered by several low power CPU modules. Package includes open-frame mountable panel and enclosed box. Our Touch Panels feature Fastboot Linux and are suitable for a wide range of HMI applications with several GUI options available for development.

Industrial Controllers

Industrial Controllers Thumbnail

Our Industrial Controllers offer a variety of features in a range of performance and price points. With low power, high performance and ruggedness, our industrial solutions outperform PLCs while saving you money. Our Industrial Controllers feature a multitude of input and output control options along with software exibility enabling easy development for nearly any control project.

PC/104 Modules

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Add functionality to your design with one or more of our pc/104 modules. Our wide variety of PC/104 compatible modules customize your solution even further.

Custom HW/SW Solutions

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If you need something unique, talk with our engineers about modifying an existing product or designing a completely custom embedded computer, peripheral board, or software solutions like boot loaders and firmware to operating system drivers. Our experienced embedded engineers will get your product into the marketplace on time and without unexpected problems.

Increased Expertise and Reduced Risk

Quality Products Designed, Assembled & Tested in the USA

Accelerated Time to Market:
Idea to Prototype in 4-8 Weeks

Flexible Manufacturing:
As Low as 50 Units

Reliable Partner with 33 Years Experience

Never Discontinued a Product:
10+ Year Lifecycle Guarantee

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