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Engineering Sample Program


The new designs offered by Technologic Systems are released to market through our Engineering Sample program. This program enables our customers to have early access to our latest innovations, accelerates their time to market with leading edge technology, and provides a channel for our customers to request technical needs directly to our engineering team.

Engineering Samples availability is limited and participation in the program is selective. Contact us should you want to register and participate.

How does it work?

  • Who can participate?
    Pre-screened and early interest customers
  • How do I register?
    Either place an order for an engineering sample or contact us about the program
  • How long does the program last?
    2 to 6 months
  • How many units can I buy?
    Small quantities recommended, but will vary case by case.
  • Will I be notified about changes?
    Yes, we will contact you directly about continuous development and software releases
  • What if I need to upgrade the unit?
    If there is a need, hardware upgrades will be available for quantities under 10 at Technologic Systems' expense during or at the end of the program

Benefits to Customers

  • Better technical support for your needs
  • Closer collaboration with our engineers
  • Opportunity to include your required product features
  • Faster time to market for your application
  • Competitive advantage using latest innovations
  • Ordering priority at official product release

Product Lifecycles


Technologic Systems designs products following a planned release schedule and utilizes the lifecycles below according to the level of product development maturity and user adoption.

Lifecycle stages: concept -> engineering samples -> introduction -> fully developed -> legacy

Concept Design

Notice: This product is in a concept design phase which may or may not make to a final production product, depending on customer interest and other current solutions in our portfolio. It is unavailable for purchase from the website at this time. If you would like to get more information, please contact us.

ts-6801 Thumbnail

Single Board Computer with High Performance X86 CPU

ts-7180 Thumbnail

SBC with MultiTech and NimbeLink/Xbee Socket

ts-7690 Thumbnail

TS-7690 Single Board Computer

ts-mini-adc Thumbnail

Data Acquisition mini-PCIe Expansion Card with ADC

ts-tpc-7690 Thumbnail

Upcoming Low Cost 7" Touch Panel PC

Engineering Samples

Notice: This product is new and engineering samples are now available! If you would like to participate in our Engineering Samples Program and receive early evaluation units, please submit an order using the online order form. Samples availability is limited. Technologic Systems recommends this product for initial evaluation and development. Please monitor our documentation and contact our support team for software releases as new features become available. If you own a sample, we will contact you about product updates directly.

ts-4100 Thumbnail

Ultra Low Power, Stand Alone, IoT-Ready CoM with WiFi/BT

ts-7800-v2 Thumbnail

High-End Performance with Embedded Ruggedness

ts-8551 Thumbnail

TS-SOCKET Development Baseboard with TS-SILO

New Product

Notice: This product is fully introduced as a new product and production units are available. Technologic Systems recommends this product for development and production. Minor product improvements may occur as this product evolves. Technologic Systems will publish product changes and notify customers when a board revision or software release becomes available.

Fully Developed Product

Notice: This product is fully developed and ships stable production units. Technologic Systems recommends this product for development and final deployment. Products become established once there have been no required improvements for at least 3 months. Further changes are unlikely to occur with established products and Technologic Systems will notify customers before making any modifications.

Legacy Product

Notice: This product is a legacy product. While Technologic Systems ensures long term availability and support for legacy products, we recommend existing customers using this product to upgrade to one of our new offerings. Please contact our support engineers should you need help selecting an ideal upgrade platform. We will work with our customers to enable easy platform upgrade and software migration.

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