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We've strategically partnered with these software and hardware service providers in order to bring you a complete embedded solution.

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Savoir-faire Linux. Leader in Open Source Technologies and Free Software.

Founded on the principles of a knowledge-based economy, the company has been developing its expertise in Information Technology, the Internet of Things, Software Engineering, and Custom Linux Kernel Programming with intimate knowledge of Technologic Systems' hardware.

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Canonical. Believe in the Power of Open Source to Change the World.

Canonical produces Ubuntu, provides commercial services for Ubuntu's users, and works with hardware manufacturers, software vendors and cloud partners to certify Ubuntu.

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Soft Suave Logo

Soft Suave. The smart way...

Soft Suave is a "Concept to Production" company that is uniquely positioned to deliver versatile, innovative, world-class quality product development.

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Basler. The power of sight.

Basler is the largest unit volume producer of digital cameras for industrial applications in the world. Manufacturers of equipment, machines, and plants incorporate our cameras into their own products. Our cameras are predominantly used in industrial mass production, medical technology, the life sciences, retail applications, as well as in intelligent traffic systems.

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PowerFilm Logo

PowerFilm Solar. Lightweight, Thin, Flexible Solar Panels.

PowerFilm Solar designs and manufactures unique thin-film, flexible solar panels and custom solar panel power solutions that offer high performance solar power even in extreme environments.

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Outscale. Excellence as a Service.

Outscale is an innovative Cloud provider with superior client support and robust data centers around the globe. Outscale provides a wide range of Cloud resources for businesses: Computing power, storage systems, and network infrastructure. Resources on the Outscale Cloud can be managed by API.

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LabJack Logo

LabJack. Measurement and Automation.

LabJack Corporation makes hardware for computer-based data acquisition and control. We are known for innovative cost-effective hardware and for legendary support. Whether doing simple data logging or a complex acquisition and control, LabJack hardware serves as a bridge between a computer (USB, Ethernet, WiFi) and a real world system (signals, sensors, transducers, actuators).

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Renice. Highly Experienced Manufacturer of SSD Drives, Peripherals, and Controllers.

As a highly experienced manufacturer of flash storage devices and a long-time leader in this industry, Renice is dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to develop and manufacture the first-rate flash based storage, delivering high performance and reliability in mission-critical applications in the industrial, enterprise, embedded, automotive, and military markets.

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