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10+ Year Product Life Cycle Guarantee


Technologic Systems maintains extended life cycles on all of our embedded computers and peripherals. The vast majority of our products are still in production 10 to 12 years after initial release and we have never discontinued a product while existing customers were using it. Our engineers are careful in the design stages of product development, choosing parts that will be available well into the future and with second sources when possible. We still have several products in production that were designed more than 20 years ago.

10+ Year Product Availability Guarantee

  • Technologic Systems will not discontinue, for reasons within our control, the manufacture of any products for at least ten years from the date of release
  • Technologic Systems will not discontinue, for reasons within our control, the manufacture of any product that is being purchased at a rate of 100 or more pieces per year by any single customer

Last Time Buy

In the event that a key component is discontinued by the manufacturer, Technologic Systems will attempt to find a second source for the discontinued component. If we are unable to find a replacement part, we will announce a last time buy to all customers ordering quantity over 100 per year on that particular product. At this point, customers can buy any quantity of the key component that they predict to satisfy their future needs. The components will be held in reserve by Technologic Systems exclusively for that customer, guaranteeing future product availability. We will also buy and hold stock on that key component in a quantity predicted to allow an additional 2-3 years of production for customers ordering in smaller quantities.

Third Party Accessories

Third-party accessories not manufactured by Technologic Systems are not covered by our 10+ Year Product Life Cycle Guarantee as they are typically designed for the consumer marketplace, where short life cycles are the norm. Examples of third-party accessories include: SD cards, USB WiFi modules, socket modems, radios, and power supplies. If you have any questions or would like to know if you are buying a third-party accessory, please contact us.

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