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This file summarizes all types of changes to the TS-7350/70/90/95.

February 2nd, 2010 Changes [Ronald Gomes]

   *) KERNEL: patch for 128MB RAM bug
   *) KERNEL: touchscreen driver fix for calibration and colors
   *) KERNEL: included drivers for xuart and tsuart
   *) INITRD: xuart drivers included
   *) INITRD: linuxrc-fastgui scripts included
   *) INITRD: checkusbupdate fixed: rmmod and wait calls
   *) INITRD: ts7000.subr fixed: nand_on call
   *) DEBIAN: evtouch driver updated
   *) DEBIAN: portmap and bzip2 installed
   *) DEBIAN: jamvm and jikes included
   *) DEBIAN: apt-get fixed for NAND
   *) DEBIAN: xorg.conf updated
   *) DEBIAN: directfb and gtk dev libraries included
   *) DEBIAN: xorg+gtk dev environment installed
   *) DEBIAN: GUI examples included under /home/eclipse

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