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Synopsis: Multiple problems in AVR functionality
Severity: medium
Class: Software
Release: ll TS-7800s
Status: Workarounds available


The supervisory AVR microcontroller used for implementing the watchdog, red LED, 128 byte EEPROM storage, and analog input channels as well as the "ts7800ctl" userspace control application is prone to lock up, corrupt EEPROM, and spontaneously disable the watchdog upon manipulation of the red LED.


A AVR reflash package is available for download at  ftp://ftp.embeddedarm.com/ts-arm-sbc/ts-7800-linux/binaries/ts-utils/7800_avr_reflash.tar.gz. Run the instructions contained in the README to update both the AVR as well as the "ts7800ctl" executable. Also, beware that some of the TWI protocol has changed to work around some protocol deficiencies as well as newly discovered Marvell CPU TWI bugs. Customer C code based on old versions of ts7800ctl.c should continue to work, but should not expect any improved behavior. It is suggested that any customer application that has used code taken from previous versions of the ts7800ctl utility be modified to use the new code in the above tar.gz package.

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