Benefits of ISO 9001 Implementation



Back in late 2014, Technologic Systems was looking to broaden its customer base and standardize its operations. We were aware that more and more customers were requiring that their suppliers be ISO 9000 registered. A decision was made to pursue the certification.

Why Certify?

We knew ISO 9001 certification would allow us to compete in a much broader arena. We wanted to demonstrate that we use the best practice process approach, have robust procedures, and consistently strive to achieve the highest standards.

Everything we do at Technologic Systems is aimed at satisfying our customer base. We wanted to ensure our customers choose our products and services over our competitors’ products. Technologic Systems prides itself on our ability to create a wide array of products and customize them to meet a company’s requirement. We are very committed to having superior and repeatable processes. There are plenty of great systems out there to help us make sure that we are successful, but ISO 9001 is a special one that we found could help us. It ensures that if we follow the quality management system, we will know what we need to do to satisfy our customers. And when our clients are happy, our business thrives.

The Journey

Our journey towards certification involved many steps. The first task was to make the employees aware of the changes that were going to be made in the name of “continuous improvement”. We assured the employees that the changes were going to be gradual, methodical and involve all the employees. We knew their contributions would be key to succeeding at certification.

Technologic Systems formed a core team, and met with a consultant who laid out a strategic plan for implementation to achieve our goal. The consultant had experience in helping small companies. It seemed like a good fit. The consultant performed a gap audit, identified issues, and outlined steps to take going forward.

In the coming months, all the departments did great work to meet all of the requirements leading up to the initial audit. Our auditor really helped us along the way. It wasn’t easy, but the team’s quality work allowed us to succeed. An internal review (audit) showed confidence that we could call in the external auditor. Once the external audit was completed and critiqued internally, the opportunities for improvement were noted and acted upon in support of the certification audit.

Post Audit

Technologic Systems gained certification in late 2015, and it has improved the way the company operates. All of the departments are aware of the importance of having a set of procedures and take ownership for their individual areas of work. Employee involvement has increased, and team members work towards the best practices within their teams. We now have a consistent approach in all we do and have a framework of robust procedures to ensure top quality products.

ISO 9001 has improved communication between teams and has incited more regular meetings for the Operational and Management Teams. The Senior Management Team takes ISO 9001 very seriously and continues to ensure that we take appropriate actions to address issues.

ISO 9001 has also been highly influential in acquiring new business. Existing and potential customers see the value behind the certification. Our customers are assured that we take a methodical approach when bringing a product to market and that we have followed a template for Engineering and Manufacturing which has fully assessed risk prior to release.

ISO 9001 has improved Technologic Systems’ reaction time to customer issues by having a set format for initial communication and for Root Cause and Corrective and Preventative Action analysis. One issue can involve many teams and the systems processes and procedures help ensure that the communication is timely and accurate, resulting in a quick solution.

ISO 9001 certification has also benefited our suppliers. Our Supplier Development Program has helped them produce better products.

Technologic Systems is really proud of its products and its employees for the work they do every day to ensure we provide a superior product and have a workplace that allows maximum achievements to be attained.

Since the certification audit, we have since had our first surveillance audit. That audit went even better than the first. Again, the employee involvement was the key in making this a success. ISO’s primary objective is to improve quality continually and ensure that products and services consistently meet customer requirements.

Author: John Marshall

Director of Quality/EH&S/Compliance for Technologic Systems