Introduction to PC/104 Connectors

Technologic Systems products use two types of PC104 connectors:  1.) the standard PC/104 connector and 2.) the PC/104 stack-thru connector. The standard connector is for any SBC used by itself or at the bottom of a PC/104 stack. The standard connector is provided on all of our PC/104 SBCs by default. The optional stack-thru connector is for clients who wish to use a Technologic Systems SBC in conjunction with their PC/104 motherboard. In this case, the Technologic Systems SBC will be mounted above the client board and will require a PC/104 stack-thru connector. PC/104 peripherals (daughter-boards) always have a stack-thru connector, because they must be mounted above the PC/104 SBC. Below you will find pictures of the two PC/104 connectors and an example of a PC/104 stack.

The PC/104 connector consists of two parts, the 64 pin connector and the 40 pin connector. Many PC/104 peripherals only utilize the 64 pin connector. If none of the peripherals you plan to use have a 40 pin connector, your SBC does not need the 40 pin connector.

Take a look at our extensive selection of PC/104 peripherals, PC/104 single board computers, and PC/104 modular embedded systems.

TS-7260 with standard 8-bit 64-pin PC/104 connector


TS-7260 with 8-bit 64-pin PC/104 stack-thru connector
OP-STHRU-64 8-bit 64-pin PC/104 stack-thru connector
PC/104 stack with TS-7260 shown in middle of stack


OP-STHRU-104 16-bit 104-pin PC/104 stack-thru connector


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Author: Derek Hildreth

eBusiness Manager for Technologic Systems