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TS-9420-X86 production tool (TS-5xxx)

The TS-9420 is a production tool used for mass replicating software on the Technologic Systems' ARM and X86 series of Single Board Computers. It can be used in conjunction with the TS-9422 POST Code Display Board in order to provide additional information during programming.

This board allows rapid and error-free software loads for production units using images stored in Flash. Technologic Systems' SBC boards can boot directly from this board, even if the SBC flash disk is corrupted.

There are three versions of this product:

  • TS-9420-ARM for the TS-72XX series and TS-7300 SBCs
  • TS-9420/9421-X86 for the TS-5XXX products (includes both units, no DOC)
  • TS-9420/9421-X86 for the TS-3XXX products (includes both units and DOC)

With the TS-9420-X86, using the DOS based Flashup utility the user may save or restore the contents of the flash on a TS-X86 Single Board Computer. Flashup will save/restore the BIOS, DOS-ROM, A: drive, CMOS settings, and Real Time Clock. Similar results are also achieved with the TS-9420-ARM, which is able to restore the whole flash image of the TS-ARM SBC, including kernel, Filesystem and Bootloader partitions.

The 8MB NOR flash memory is used to store system's software in different ways among the TS-ARM and TS-X86 versions:

  • TS-9420-ARM uses RedBoot boot-loader, Linux kernel and Linux filesystem
  • TS-9420-X86 uses it to boot BIOS

The TS-9420-X86 version also has a 32 MB Disk-on-Chip module for target binary images.

The TS-9422 POST Code Display Board can be added to provide additional information during programming.

For further information regarding this product, please contact Technologic Systems or refer to the product's manual.

TS-9420-X86 version:

  • Performs power up initialization then starts DOS
  • DOS Flashup Utility moves binary images to / from DOC module to target SBC

TS-9420-ARM version:

  • RedBoot boot-loader performs power up initialization then starts Linux kernel
  • Linux file system can resides in On-board Flash or as a network resource
  • Ships with Linux 2.4.26 kernel installed in 8MB on-board flash
  • eCOS open source operating system supported


For further information about this product, please contact Technologic Systems.

Detailed Feature List

  • TS-X86 and TS-ARM versions
  • 8MB NOR Flash drive
  • TS-ARM: uses RedBoot and Linux
  • TS-X86: uses BIOS
  • PC/104 8 bit bus
  • Dimensions 3.375 x 1.375 inches
  • Fanless -20° to +70°C
  • Power 5V DC @ 120mA