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Panel Mounted 2x24 LCD and 16 Key Keypad

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  • Metal panel
  • Plexiglass LCD cover
  • 14-pin ribbon cable
  • 16-pin ribbon cable
  • 2x24 character based LCD with backlight

The KPAD-LCD is an attractive front panel containing a character based LCD display and a 16 key keypad


The KPAD-LCD peripheral adds a keypad and character based LCD display to your single board computer (SBC not included) to allow easy implementation of a Human Machine Interface.

Compatible with:

  • TS-7200
  • TS-7250
  • TS-7250
  • TS-7260
  • TS-7800
  • TS-8100
  • TS-8150
  • TS-8160



Software is available to input characters from the keypad and output characters to the LCD display. Refer to the manual for your controller for more information.

Detailed Feature List

  • Metal panel
  • Plexiglass LCD cover
  • 14-pin ribbon cable
  • 16-pin ribbon cable
  • 2x24 character based LCD with backlight
  • 16 key (4x4) keypad
  • Mounting hardware included

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Accessories and Extras
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KPAD-LCD Faceplate with LED backlit LCD / Keypad for TS-7xxx Series SBC (SBC NOT included) More info $125 $0