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Highly-equipped SBC with HART, OBD-II, WiFi, Cellular, 2.8? Touch Screen

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  • Connect with Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, XBee, Cellular
  • Flexible Data Storage: FRAM, eMMC Flash, microSD, Crypto Key Storage
  • Extendable with Internal USB and mikroBUS socket
  • HART and OBD-II Protocols for Industrial Automation and Automotive
  • Robust TS-SILO Option Provides up to 30 Seconds of Hold up Power

Our most feature packed single board computer design to date, squeezing most industry standard interfaces, protocols, and wireless options into a compact package.


Powerful and Multitalented

Designed around the NXP i.MX 6UL ARM CPU and our blend of FPGA cores, the TS-7120 single board computer is sure to be a reliable solution for practically any application (industrial controller, automotive, entertainment, IoT, asset tracking, etc.). It?s preloaded with software and example code you need to get your project to market in record time. Customization options are also available to fine tune specs to fit your application, making it easy and cost effective to deploy in the field.

Each component on the TS-7120 has been carefully chosen to ensure reliable operation in the field and minimum product lifespan for 10+ years. The fanless design of the TS-7120, paired with the low-cost enclosure, is able to withstand high vibration environments, debris, and a wide temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C.

The optional display is perfect for implementing a dynamic HMI, or displaying alarms and other user feedback. There is also a dedicated flash chip for storing your custom splash screen image for the LCD to display on startup.

Digital Ins and Outs

The rugged screw terminals provide a secure interface for communication and control of sensors, actuators, and other external equipment. The TS-7120 supports several DIO features that are found in industrial applications like HVAC and automation control; such as relays, 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC analog inputs, and outputs capable of sinking 500 mA. Furthermore, digital outputs have fast electronic circuit breakers for equipment protection.

  • 6x Relays (2 Amps / 220 VAC)
    • 4x Relays SPDT with NO, NC, and Common contacts
    • 2x Relays SPST with NO and Common contacts
  • 1x CAN Port
  • DIO
  • 3x RS-232 Ports
  • 2x RS-485 Port
  • 2x ADC (0 - 12 VDC)
  • 1x DAC (0 - 30 VDC)
  • 1x Nine-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass) MEMS MotionTracking Device
  • 1x GPS
  • 1x I2C

Industry Standard Ports

Standard connectors are also plentiful on the TS-7120. External and internal USB ports provide ample opportunities for expanding the featureset even further. The dual Ethernet ports not only offer a solution for isolating networks / firewalls and doubling bandwidth, they can also power the board and other devices via Power Over Ethernet (PoE) when connected to Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). Finally, a DB-9 port on the TS-7120 makes it easy to attach RS-232 devices.

Wireless Communications

With technologies like NimbeLink, Digi, XBee, WiFi, Cellular (HSPA/GSM), and Bluetooth, the TS-7120 has your wireless needs covered. Get your data transferred easily between other computers, servers, gateways, nodes, or sensors across mesh, personal, local, or wide area networks.


The TS-7120 supports the global standard for exchanging data across analog signals between smart devices and control or monitoring systems using the HART communication protocol. This feature makes the TS-7120 a great fit for automation, plant process control, asset management, safety, or other systems using any control platform.

OBD-II Automotive Diagnostics

For the automotive industry, we?ve included ODB-II on the TS-7120?s RJ-45 connector for running diagnostics and monitoring the status of the various vehicle subsystems. This lends nicely to the automotive service industry for real time data monitoring, logging, and tracking.

DMX Controller

Get ready to light up the stage with the TS-7120. DMX, or digital multiplex, is the standard for digital communication networks commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. The TS-7120 implements the DMX512 standard that sits on top of RS-485 physical layer and is brought out on the dedicated RJ-45 port.

Reliable Data Storage with TS-SILO and FRAM

The TS-SILO power reserve ensures that there will never be data loss or corruption when there is unexpected interruptions in power. TS-SILO provides up to 30 seconds of reserve power to allow graceful system shutdown, protecting data stored on the on board eMMC. Additionally the TS-7120 integrates Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM or FeRAM ) which combines non-volatile data storage with incredibly high read/write endurance for the ultimate in reliability for heavy data logging applications.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Yes
CPU Vendor NXP
CPU Part Number i.MX 6UltraLite
CPU Speed 696 MHz
Floating Point Unit 1x
RAM 512 MB to 1 GB
Onboard Storage
eMMC Flash Storage 4 GB
External Storage
microSD Socket 1x
Data Acquisition & Control
Relay 6x
Analog-to-Digital 2x
Digital-to-Analog 1x
10/100 Ethernet 2x
USB Host 3x
Serial/COM Port 3x
RS-485 Port 2x
I2C Bus 1x
CAN Bus 1x
Bluetooth 1x
WiFi Radio 1x
Cellular Modem 1x
GPS Radio 1x
Resistive Touchscreen 1x
Screen Diagonal Size 3''
Onboard Devices
Programmable FPGA 20k LUT
Battery-Backed Real Time Clock 1x
Watchdog Timer 1x
Power-over-Ethernet 1x
Operation Temperature
Fanless Temp Range -40 °C to 85 °C
Operating Supply Voltage
Operating Supply Voltage 5 VDC to 48 VDC

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Product Customization

Technologic Systems can provide you with a custom tailored version of our standard product starting at minimum order sizes of 100 units or more. Customized products can be based on various combinations of many of the standard product features. There will be a one-time customization fee to cover the set up of your custom part number and production processes. Once the set up is complete the standard lead time for your customized product would be 6-8 weeks. Please contact us to get started on tailoring this product to meet your needs. In addition to tailoring our standard product to your needs, for slightly larger orders sizes, Technologic Systems can also provide a custom design based on this product to meet your mechanical requirements or to add features.

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