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TS-9300 - SBC Boot Peripheral for TS-2000 series Shown with options - See larger images
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SBC Boot Peripheral for TS-2000 series

Starting at $425 (Qty. 100)


  • For TS-2000 series only
  • 512KB of Flash Memory
  • 16MB M-systems Disk On Chip
  • DS12887 battery backed RTC
  • 2 digit POST code display

The TS-9300 is a PC/104 daughter card used in conjunction with the TS-2100, TS-2200, TS-2800 SBCs in order to provide a programming/recovery mechanism for these products.


The TS-9300 boot board is mated via the PC104 connector to an Embedded PC (EPC). The EPC can then boot from the flash drive on the 9300 or from its own inherent flash drive. DIP switches 1&2 control which flash drive the system will use to boot. The 9300 has a 512 KB flash floppy-drive mapped as DOS drive (A:) and a 16 MB flash hard-drive mapped as DOS drive (C:).

The TS-9300 is compatible with the TS-2100, TS-2200 and TS-2800 EPC products and is capable or saving or restoring the flash drive, BIOS, DOS, CMOS and RTC using binary images stored in the DiskOnChip. All programming utilities and binary images for supported products are pre-installed. (includes source code for flashup utility, and example code for EPCs)

This board allows rapid and error-free software loads for production units using images stored in DiskOnChip. Technologic System's SBC boards can boot directly from this board, even if the SBC Flash disk is corrupted. The flashup software utility allows the 9300 to capture and restore binary images of the target SBC.

  • Programs: Flash disk (A:), DOS kernel, BIOS image, Real Time Clock or CMOS settings from binary images.
  • The TS-9300 will boot and program these products: TS-2100, TS-2200, TS-2800

Additional features include:

  • 512KB of Flash Memory ( 384KB available as DOS drive A: )
  • 16MB M-systems Disk On Chip included ( available as drive C: )
  • Standard DS12887 battery backed RTC.
  • 2 digit POST code display, available at port 0x80
  • LED,DIP switch and push button for customer use
  • Dimensions - 3.6x3.8 inches
  • 300mA @ 5 VDC Power
  • Temperature Range: -20° to +70°C 
  • Optional Extended Temperature Range:  -40° to +85°C 

For further information regarding this product, please contact Technologic Systems or refer to the product's manual.


  • In-house DOS utility Flashup - source included
  • Restores Flash memory sections (BIOS, RTC, CMOS, DOS kernel) from binary image files.
  • An excellent use for manufacturers to load production software onto an SBC
  • An invaluable tool for debugging and repair...restores erased or corrupted DOS kernel or BIOS.
  • General Software BIOS version 4.1
  • General Software DOS-ROM version 6.22 in Flash
  • Example programs with source code included

For further information regarding this product, please contact Technologic Systems or refer to the product's manual.

Detailed Feature List

  • For TS-2000 series only
  • 512KB of Flash Memory
  • 16MB M-systems Disk On Chip
  • DS12887 battery backed RTC
  • 2 digit POST code display
  • LED,DIP switch and push button
  • Power 300mA @ 5V DC
  • Temperature Range -20° to +70°C
  • In-house DOS utility Flashup w/ source
  • Example programs w/ source

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TS-9300 Peripheral board with 16M DiskOnChip $425 $425

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