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TS-MINI-ADC - Data Acquisition mini-PCIe Expansion Card with ADC Shown with options - See larger images
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Data Acquisition mini-PCIe Expansion Card with ADC

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  • 4x Analog Inputs at 5 MS/s, 16-bit samples
  • Stream samples via Ethernet (TCP/UDP)
  • Use standard Linux DSP/DAQ tools like sox, matlab, or pulseview
  • Programmable FPGA for offloading host CPU (Coming Soon)
  • Linux drivers, source code, and example script included


The TS-MINI-ADC is a mini-PCIe data acquisition peripheral capable of sampling 4 different analog inputs (16-bit, AC or DC coupled single-ended or differential input signals) at 5 MS/s. Processing the sample stream can be easily done by sending it over Ethernet, logging it to flash storage, or further processed by the CPU. Standard Linux DSP/DAQ tools such as sox, matlab, or PulseView can be used to interface with the sample stream. Furthermore, the TS-MINI-ADC has the ability to pass the ADC samples through a 37-tap FIR filter (set for unity-gain pass-through).

The TS-TPC-7990 supports the TS-MINI-ADC by default. As such, an SBC can be turned into 4 channel 2.5 MHz analog-to-TCP converter network appliance.

Complex and intensive DSP calculations can be offloaded from the host machine to the onboard FPGA when modified with custom hardware logic. Modification of the onboard Intel FPGA is possible from either Technologic Systems or to FPGA savvy customers directly by purchasing a development kit. Please call if you are interested in FPGA development.

Data Acquisition & Control
Analog-to-Digital 4x
mini PCI Express Bus 1x

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Product Customization

Technologic Systems can provide you with a custom tailored version of our standard product starting at minimum order sizes of 100 units or more. Customized products can be based on various combinations of many of the standard product features. There will be a one-time customization fee to cover the set up of your custom part number and production processes. Once the set up is complete the standard lead time for your customized product would be 6-8 weeks. Please contact us to get started on tailoring this product to meet your needs. In addition to tailoring our standard product to your needs, for slightly larger orders sizes, Technologic Systems can also provide a custom design based on this product to meet your mechanical requirements or to add features.

What's Included

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This product will be available for purchase soon!

This product will be available for purchase soon!

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