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Master Unit for the TS-PLC

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  • Powered by TS-7400 and DC420
  • Programs and manages TS-PLC units
  • Loaded with TS-PLC software and Linux
  • 200 MHz ARM9 CPU
  • 1 Ethernet, 2 USB Hosts

The TS-PLC-MASTER is the central controlling unit for a network of one or more TS-PLC units. It provides an user-friendly interface for TS-PLC (one or more) management and programming.


The TS-PLC-MASTER provides the following functionality:

  • A web-based ladder logic editor
  • Online documentation
  • Committing a ladder logic program to individual TS-PLC units
  • Enhanced functionality for TS-PLC units

The TS-PLC-MASTER has two models: RS-485 and RADIO. Which configuration you purchase will determine the method by which your TS-PLC units must be connected. The RS-485 model acts as an RS-485 master, and must be connected to all TS-PLC units to be used with it in that mode. The RADIO model connects to all TS-PLC units with the OP-XBEERADIO option.

The ladder logic editor provide a platform independent method for implementing the functionality to be applied to the TS-PLC devices. The user types in the URL for the ladder editor, which is basically the IP address of the TS-PLC-MASTER. (for example, A reduced functionality demo of the ladder logic editor is available to give some idea of what the interface looks like and how ladder logic is entered. The editor contains online documentation about the various ladder logic constructs which are available and how they operate, as well as a the user manual.

The TS-PLC-MASTER implements a commit function which takes the currently saved ladder logic program, translates it into a user program for each TS-PLC involved, and then programs each individual device with it's program and restarts it for operation according to the new program. As the TS-PLC-MASTER provides this interface and functionality of programming the TS-PLC units, at least one TS-PLC-MASTER is required regardless of the number of TS-PLC units in the system. Additional controllers are only necessary if there is more then one TS-PLC network operating simultaneously which require the controller in order to run, e.g. as a master or to provide enhanced functionality to that network.

Currently the enhanced functionality available on the TS-PLC-MASTER is the RTC option. The TS-PLC units do not have any mechanism for maintaining time other then counting how long they have been running for. With the RTC option, the TS-PLC-MASTER will provide the TS-PLC units with information such as what day of the week it is, and what the current time of day it is, so that devices can use that information as part of their functionality.

Although TS-PLC units can operate simultaneously on both RS-485 and RADIO networks, this is not currently supported by the TS-PLC-MASTER software. Specifically, the commit functionality requires a single ladder logic program for all units; therefore a TS-PLC unit connected to both an RS-485 and a RADIO MASTER would be programmed twice, resulting in a probable malfunction if the logic assigned to it from both MASTER units was not identical.


The TS-PLC-MASTER software is installed on top of our standard Debian Linux distribution.  A few minor configuration changes are also present which relate to the following:

  • default RSA key to allow ssh access to the unit
  • apache-ssl configuration
  • automatic startup of apache-ssl and PLC polling
  • stdc++ library file installed

You may need to change some of the above if you change the IP address of your unit.  The default factory IP address is

The TS-PLC-MASTER software is installed under /var/www as follows:

  • HTML files for web interface are in /var/www
  • C build files are in /var/www/c
  • CGI files for web interface are in /var/www/cgi-bin
  • Configuration and user data (programs) go in /var/www/data

Detailed Feature List

  • Powered by TS-7400 and DC420
  • Programs and manages TS-PLC units
  • Loaded with TS-PLC software and Linux
  • 200 MHz ARM9 CPU
  • 1 Ethernet, 2 USB Hosts
  • 10-pin terminal strip with 3 A/D channels, DIO lines, 8-30V DC input
  • 3 COM ports using RJ45
  • RS-485 on 3 COM ports
  • Optional RS-485/RS-422 full-duplex
  • Optional Long-range XBee Radio
  • Optional Temp. Sensor and RTC
  • Industrial quality design
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure

Technologic Systems provides complete documentation for our mature products, including manuals, schematics, mechanical drawings, etc. The most recent documentation files are always made available through our website. If you don't find the documentation you are looking for, contact support for more information. Also, please make sure to visit our Embedded Systems Support webpage, our official WIKI and join our official Developers Forum.


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Technologic Systems can provide you with a custom tailored version of our standard product starting at minimum order sizes of 100 units or more. Customized products can be based on various combinations of many of the standard product features. There will be a one-time customization fee to cover the set up of your custom part number and production processes. Once the set up is complete the standard lead time for your customized product would be 6-8 weeks. Please contact us to get started on tailoring this product to meet your needs. In addition to tailoring our standard product to your needs, for slightly larger orders sizes, Technologic Systems can also provide a custom design based on this product to meet your mechanical requirements or to add features.

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