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Embedded Programmable Logic Controller

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  • Requires a TS-PLC-MASTER unit
  • 7 analog/digital I/Os
  • 1 USB Device Port
  • 1 COM port RS-232 / RS-422 / Full Duplex RS485
  • Stand-alone or cluster mode (distributed)

The TS-PLC is a microcontroller based solution for remote sensing and control in commercial and industrial applications. It incorporates a built-in custom BIOS to allow field reprogramming and upgrading. The default TS-PLC software executes a programmable logic controller model documented in the software section.


The TS-PLC operates in conjunction with the TS-PLC-MASTER unit. A MASTER unit is required in order to program the TS-PLC device(s). The MASTER provides a web based interface for editing ladder logic and committing programs to TS-PLC devices. In some configurations the MASTER cannot be disconnected from the TS-PLC devices after they are programmed, but must instead remain connected to the serial network during operation of the those devices:

  • When the interface used is the full duplex RS-485 port, and more then one TS-PLC is connected, and the TS-PLC units must communicate with each other for any reason. In this case, the TS-PLC-MASTER is required to remain connected to all units to perform the role of RS-485 master.
  • If the TS-PLC-MASTER has the RTC option, and any of the TS-PLC devices needs to use the current date or time as part of its operation. In this case, the devices that need this information must remain in communication with the MASTER in order to receive period time notifications.

The TS-PLC units and TS-PLC-MASTER can be networked (connected) across one of the following serial communications interfaces, at 115.2kbps:

  • RS-485
  • Optional wireless radio with XBEE or Aerocom
  • RS-232 (coming soon)
  • USB (coming soon)

The TS-PLC has a ten position industrial grade removable screw-down terminal strip for I/O connections:



2ADC210-bit Analog to Digital ConvertorX+RS-485 mode only
3ADC310-bit Analog to Digital ConvertorX-RS-485 mode only
4ADC410-bit Analog to Digital ConvertorOUT4low-side switch
5ADC510-bit Analog to Digital ConvertorOUT5low-side switch
6ADC610-bit Analog to Digital ConvertorOUT6low-side switch
7ADC710-bit Analog to Digital ConvertorOUT7 high or low side switch
8ADC810-bit Analog to Digital ConvertorOUT8 high or low side switch
9VCCpower (4.7-30V DC)


  • The high side switches when on will output to within about a diode drop of whatever input voltage you use, and are (cumulatively) current limited by a 400mA polyfuse.
  • The low side switches all have built-in clamp diodes so can be used to drive relays; maximum current is 200mA.
  • The TS-PLC can either be powered from the VCC input, or from USB 

DB-9 Pinout


1TX+RS-485 TX+
4RX+RS-422 RX+
6TX-RS-485 TX-
7RTSRS-232 Request to send
8CTSRS-232 Clear to send
9RX-RS-422 RX-

There are three addition I/Os which do not have connectors:

TEMP10-bit Temperature Sensor (optional)


The TS-PLC device is supplied with software which is segmented into three parts:

  • The TS-PLC-BIOS implements functionality for reprogramming the device through the serial interfaces.
  • The TS-PLC application is a separate program which implements the programmable logic controller model.
  • The User Program is a separate function called by the TS-PLC application in order to perform the actual logic of the device. The default user program shipped with the device slowly blinks the green LED. The TS-PLC-MASTER creates this program from the ladder logic the user enters.

The TS-PLC application runs a programmable logic controller model which consists of scan cycles. The cycle period is user-programmable from continuous (currently limited to a minimum of approximately 10ms) up to 64 seconds in 1ms increments. Each cycle consists of four phases:

  • SAMPLE PHASE- reads the current state of all the physical inputs into register memory
  • FUNCTION PHASE- runs the user program function which operates on the register memory
  • UPDATE PHASE- writes the new state of all physical outputs from register memory
  • FLUSH PHASE- communicates state changes of interest to other TS-PLC units on the serial network

The PLC programming model consists of 32-bit registers (memory locations). Some of these registers are reserved for I/O values but most are available for the user program. There are a total of 2048 registers.

Detailed Feature List

  • Requires a TS-PLC-MASTER unit
  • 7 analog/digital I/Os
  • 1 USB Device Port
  • 1 COM port RS-232 / RS-422 / Full Duplex RS485
  • Stand-alone or cluster mode (distributed)
  • Operates via wireless or RS-485
  • Programmable in ladder logic or C
  • Web interface and ladder logic editor
  • Optional 500m range wireless
  • 4.7-30V DC or USB power input
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
  • Industrial quality design
  • Dimensions 3.6x3.1x1.2 inches
  • Idle current consumption of 9mA @ 5VDC
  • Idle current consumption of 4mA @ 24VDC
  • Nominal power use is 50mW @ 5V
  • Nominal power use is 100mW @ 24V
  • Wireless interconnect via XBEE or Aerocom radio
  • Optional temperature sensor

Technologic Systems provides complete documentation for our mature products, including manuals, schematics, mechanical drawings, etc. The most recent documentation files are always made available through our website. If you don't find the documentation you are looking for, contact support for more information. Also, please make sure to visit our Embedded Systems Support webpage, our official WIKI and join our official Developers Forum.



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