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TS-TPC-8390 - TS-SOCKET Baseboard with 7" TFT-LCD Touch Panel Display Shown with options - See larger images
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TS-SOCKET Baseboard with 7" TFT-LCD Touch Panel Display


The TS-TPC-8390 is a TS-SOCKET baseboard comprised of a 7" TFT LCD and TS-8390 baseboard, ready to be paired with a TS-SOCKET macrocontroller CPU (sold separately). It is an ideal solution for applications requiring a touch screen human machine interface (HMI), such as industrial automation, home automation, self-service machines, and point-of-sale terminals. This product offers an excellent value with a full range of features and industry standard connectors and a fanless, low power, high performance modular design. TS-TPC-8390 also provides an upgrade path for Technologic Systems' customers currently using TS-TPC-7390 and TS-TPC-7395 products.


The TS-TPC-8390 is a low-cost, industrial-grade TS-SOCKET baseboard with WVGA touchscreen, audio codec, headphone jack, speaker, and black bezel. Designed around the TS-SOCKET standard, it can be paired with any macrocontroller core CPU modules. Reliability is enhanced through entirely solid-state operation with no moving parts and requires no fans or heat-sinks. The rugged aluminum support elegantly frames the 7-inch TFT LCD, making it an ideal solution for mounting on a wall or cabinet. The computer unit is mounted to the back of the panel, providing access to a wide variety of connectors including dual 10/100BASE-T Ethernet ports, two full-speed USB host ports via standard USB connectors, two additional full-speed USB host ports via on-board headers, a USB device / OTG port via a standard USB connector, DIO, and serial ports.

The TS-8390 Engine

The TS-8390 baseboard, mated with one of two multi-purpose macrocontrollers running an 800MHz ARM family CPU, powers the TS-TPC-8390 Touch Panel Computer. It allows development of multi-function embedded applications through its multiple peripheral interfaces, which include on-board RAM, NAND flash, dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, quad USB 2.0 host, serial ports, SD Card socket, A/D channels, digital I/O lines, temperature sensor, real time clock, audio codec and speaker, video framebuffer, touchscreen, and LCD video interfaces.

The 40-pin DIO header provides the following connections:

  • I2C Bus and SPI Bus
  • 6 channels of 16-bit A/D converter
  • 9 Digital Outputs (0-3.3V)
  • 12 Digital Inputs (0-5V)

The TS-8390 engine is extremely rugged and reliable. Temperature operation is fanless and range is industrial standard at lower CPU speeds. The LCD is rated for storage temperature range of -30 °C to +80 °C. The operating range is -20 °C to +70 °C. Power input range is flexible from 5VDC to 30VDC. The power supplies for both the LCD and the LCD back-light are controlled via software.

The TS-8390 provides up to six COM ports, four RS-232 and two RS-485/422 ports. Some of the COM ports are provided by the FPGA through the proprietary XUART core and can support 9-bit data modes and have a 4Kbyte shared FIFO. In addition, one or two CAN ports are provided that support CAN 2.0B with an extended receive buffer size of 2Kbytes.

LCD-Ready Embedded Computers

The TS-8390 with a mating TS-4700 or TS-4800 macrocontroller is designed specifically as the engine for the TS-TPC-8390. The connectors are not general purpose and will not work with most LCDs, so we do not generally sell the TS-8390 and mating macrocontroller as a stand alone board set. If you have an interest in using the TS-8390 in your project, please call us for information about pricing or product customization.

Detailed Feature List

  • TS-SOCKET Baseboard
    (requires TS-SOCKET Macrocontroller)
  • 256MB DDR2 RAM
  • 256MB SLC XNAND Drive
  • SD card socket for additional Flash
  • Ideal upgrade path for TS-7390/7395
  • High brightness LCD (800 nits)
  • 800x480 TFT 7-inch LCD
  • 4 Wire Resistive Touch-Screen Interface
  • Accepts 5V-30V DC power
  • Typical power consumption < 10Watts
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports (Standard)
  • 4 USB Host ports
  • 1 RS-485/422 Port (selectable)
  • 1 RS-485 Port (dedicated)
  • 3 RS-232 Ports
  • 1 RS-232 / Console Port (selectable)
  • SPI and I2C buses
  • CAN bus (Standard)
  • TS-4800: Second optional CAN bus
  • 9 Digital Outputs (0-3.3V)
  • 12 Digital Inputs (0-5V)
  • 6 channels of 16-bit A/D converter
  • 16-bit Audio Codec (Output only)
  • Stereo Headphone Jack
  • Amplified Mono Speaker
  • Unbrickable, boots from SD or Flash
  • Battery for Real-Time Clock
  • 2 User Programmable LEDs
Resistive Touchscreen 1x
Screen Diagonal Size 7''
Width x Height Screen Resolution 800x480 px
AC97 Audio 1x
Onboard Speaker 1x
Operation Temperature
Fanless Temp Range -20 °C to 70 °C
TS-SOCKET™ Embedded System Yes
Height 140mm
Length 42mm
Width 200mm

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The TS-TPC-8390 requires a TS-SOCKET Computer-on-Module. To order a complete solution, please see the Related Products tab. To order a replacement unit, please submit an RMA ticket or call (480) 837-5200.

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