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TS-TPC-8900-4710 - 10'' High Performance Mountable Touch Panel Computer Shown with options - See larger images
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10'' High Performance Mountable Touch Panel Computer

Starting at $605 (Qty. 100)


  • User Friendly 10" Resistive Touch Panel with Video Acceleration
  • Reliable Data and Filesystem Integrity with DoubleStore Technology
  • Advanced Connectivity with Dual Ethernet Ports
  • Extensible with User Programable 8k LUT FPGA
  • Incredibly Fast Sub-Second Bootup Time to Linux Shell

The TS-TPC-8900-4710 is geared towards those looking for extreme data reliability and dual Ethernet in a 10-inch TFT SVGA touch panel PC package. It features two microSD card slots using DoubleStore, our RAID-like technology for redundant data storage. Additionally, a second Ethernet port is brought out on the TS-8900 baseboard for a dual Ethernet solution. The TS-4710 Computer-on-Module (CoM) powers the system using a Marvell ARM9 CPU (800 MHz or 1 GHz) which features video acceleration up to 720p. Industry standard connectors and interfaces such as USB, UARTs, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, I2C, and DIO are also made available thanks to the CPU and 8k LUT FPGA. Signals are brought to the TS-8900 baseboard through the two 100-pin TS-SOCKET connectors. Pairing all this with the bright (800 nit), 10-inch resistive touch panel makes for a great digital signage, HMI, or SCADA solution. The TS-TPC-8900-4710 also provides an upgrade path for customers looking at upgrading from the TS-TPC-7390 and TS-TPC-7395.

The TS-TPC-8900-4710 comes preloaded with two different bootup environments: a Busybox initial ramdisk for a sub-second bootup time, and Debian Linux for a familiar, desktop-like environment using Xfce. GNU development tools, like gcc and gdb, are also installed, making on-board development easy. Cross compile toolchains for the C programming language are also available so you can develop using your favorite desktop IDE. As with most Linux distributions, other services like Apache Web Server, CGI-BIN, FTP, SSH, Telnet, Samba network services, etc. are available. Also included are user space utilities and applications to control DIO and more so that you can get your product to market in record time.

As with all of our products, the source code, schematics, mechanical drawings, and manuals for the TS-TPC-8900-4710 are freely available for download in the resources tab. For the added peace of mind and confidence in our solution, a 45 day evaluation period, 1 year warranty, engineer-backed technical support, and 10+ year product availability are included with your purchase.

For more detailed information, please visit the Computer-on-Module and Baseboard links shown below.

Carrier Board

TS-TPC-8900 Thumbnail TS-TPC-8900


TS-4710 Thumbnail TS-4710

Complete System

TS-TPC-8900-4710 Thumbnail TS-TPC-8900-4710
CPU Vendor Marvell
CPU Part Number PXA168
CPU Speed 1 GHz
RAM 512 MB
External Storage
microSD Socket 2x
Data Acquisition & Control
Digital Input/Output 75x
PC/104 Bus 1x
mini PCI Express Bus 1x
Data/Address Mux Bus 1x
10/100 Ethernet 2x
USB Host 4x
Serial/COM Port 4x
RS-485 Port 2x
SPI Bus 1x
I2C Bus 1x
CAN Bus 1x
XBee Interface 1x
Resistive Touchscreen 1x
Screen Diagonal Size 10''
Width x Height Screen Resolution 800x600 px
AC97 Audio 1x
Onboard Speaker 1x
Onboard Devices
Programmable FPGA 8k LUT
Battery-Backed Real Time Clock 1x
Watchdog Timer 1x
Temperature Sensor 2x
Power-over-Ethernet 1x
Operation Temperature
Fanless Temp Range -20 °C to 70 °C
Operating Supply Voltage
Operating Supply Voltage 5 VDC to 28 VDC
Linux Kernel v2.6.34
Debian Linux Distribution Yes
Busybox Small Distribution Yes
DoubleStore™ Storage Yes
TS-SOCKET™ Embedded System Yes
User Programmable FPGA Yes
Height 218mm
Length 51mm
Width 284mm

Technologic Systems provides complete documentation for our mature products, including manuals, schematics, mechanical drawings, etc. The most recent documentation files are always made available through our website. If you don't find the documentation you are looking for, contact support for more information. Also, please make sure to visit our Embedded Systems Support webpage, our official WIKI and join our official Developers Forum.




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The prices below are available for sales orders requesting different quantities on a per release basis.

Product Configuration 1
10 25 50 100 250+
TS-4710-512-10S-I $225 $191 $191 $186 $174 Call us
TS-4710-512-8S-I $195 $161 $161 $156 $144 Call us
TS-TPC-8900 $470 $470 $470 $470 $461 Call us

Product Customization

Technologic Systems can provide you with a custom tailored version of our standard product starting at minimum order sizes of 100 units or more. Customized products can be based on various combinations of many of the standard product features. There will be a one-time customization fee to cover the set up of your custom part number and production processes. Once the set up is complete the standard lead time for your customized product would be 6-8 weeks. Please contact us to get started on tailoring this product to meet your needs. In addition to tailoring our standard product to your needs, for slightly larger orders sizes, Technologic Systems can also provide a custom design based on this product to meet your mechanical requirements or to add features.

What's Included

Use the table below to configure your product and add it to your cart. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

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Product Configuration
Part # Description Price Qty Total
TS-4710-512-8S-I TS-4710 industrial grade (-40 °C to 85 °C) Computer-on-Module with the PXA166 at 800MHz and 512MB RAM (SD card required to boot, sold separately) $195 $195
TS-4710-512-10S-I TS-4710 industrial grade (-40 °C to 85 °C) Computer-on-Module with the PXA168 at 1066MHz and 512MB RAM (SD card required to boot, sold separately) $225 $225
TS-TPC-8900 Open Mountable Frame 10" Touch Panel Computer (Computer-on-Module not included) $470 $470
On-board Options
Part # Description Price Qty Total
OP-8900-2CAN Adds a second CAN transceiver to the TS-8900 baseboard $28 $0
Development Kits
Part # Description Price Qty Total
KIT-8900-4710 The KIT-8900-4710 includes:
  • (MSD-4GB-USB-4710) 4GB microSD Card with Debian Linux and USB Adapter
  • (RC-DB9) 10-pin header to DB9 adapter cable
  • (CB7-05) Null Modem Cable
  • (CB-DB9-Y) DB-9 Y Cable
  • (CB-USB-AF5P) 5-Pin Header to USB Connector
  • (PS-12VDC-REG-2P3) Regulated DC Power Supply
Neither computer-on-module nor carrier board are included in the kit (Click to order a TS-TPC-8900-4710) More info
$70 $0
Flash Media
Part # Description Price Qty Total
MSD-4GB-4710 Bootable 4GB microSD card preinstalled with Linux Kernel 2.6, and Debian (compatible with TS-4710, TS-4712, TS-4720, TS-7700, TS-7250-V2) $12 $0
MSD-4GB-BLANK SanDisk microSD card, Size 4GB $12 $0
MSD-4GB-USB-4710 Bootable 4GB microSD card preinstalled with Linux Kernel 2.6, Debian and including USB reader (compatible with TS-4710, TS-4712, TS-4720, TS-7700, TS-7250-V2) $38 $0
Accessories and Extras
Part # Description Price Qty Total
RC-DB9 10-pin header COM port adapter cable to DB-9 $4 $0
HS-15x15x5 CPU Heatsink measuring 15mmx15mmx5mm. Recommended for PXA168 in high temperature environments. $4 $0
HDW-STUDS-4-40-10 4-40 studs, 1 inch, qty 10 $7 $0
CB-DB9-Y DB-9 Y Cable More info $9 $0
CB7-05 Null modem cable with a DB9F at each end $9 $0
CN-TSSOCKET-M-10 Qty Ten (10) Male 100-Pin High Density Connectors for Custom Baseboard Design More info $40 $0
LCD10-STAND Desktop metal support to mount a 10-inch TFT-LCD panel More info $55 $0
OP-XBEERADIO Long range XBee Radio with external antenna $70 $0
CN-TSSOCKET-M-100 Qty One Hundred (100) Male 100-Pin High Density Connectors for Custom Baseboard Design More info $250 $0
Power Supplies
Part # Description Price Qty Total
PS-12VDC-REG-2P3 International regulated 12VDC wall mounted power supply with 2 pin blue connector, type 3 $22 $0

This product is currently unavailable, please contact us for details.

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