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33MHz PC-Compatible Fanless Embedded Computer

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Lifecycle: Legacy Product
Release Date: November 2001

Available Features

  • Up to 33 MHz X86 Intel 386EX

  • 32 MB RAM

    Onboard Storage
  • 1 MB Flash Storage

    External Storage
  • 1x Compact Flash Socket

    Data Acquisition & Control
  • 40x Digital Input/Output

  • 1x PC/104 Bus
  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2x Serial/COM Port
  • 1x RS-485 Port

  • 1x Matrix Keypad Header
  • 1x Text LCD Header

    Onboard Devices
  • 1x Battery-Backed Real Time Clock
  • 1x Watchdog Timer

    Operation Temperature
  • -20 °C to 70 °C Fanless Temp Range

    Power Consumption
  • 3.50 W Typical Power Consumption

    Power Supply
  • 5 VDC Power Supply

  • 101.6 mm Length
  • 137.2 mm Width

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Additional Information
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The TS-3300 is an Embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) that features an Intel 386EX 33 MHz CPU and a set of I/O interfaces. This computer allows easy embedded application development through PC-Compatible tools and methods, while ensuring in-field reliability and ruggedness for end-user systems. DOS is the default Operating Systems for this product and Linux is offered as an option from the factory.

Descriptive Product Features

  • PC-compatible 33MHz 386 CPU
  • PC/104 8/16 bit bus
  • 8MB SDRAM (16-32MB opt)
  • 1MB Flash
  • 2 COM ports
  • 1 10base-T Ethernet
  • 1 Compact Flash socket
  • 40 DIO
  • Watchdog timer
  • DiskOnChip support
  • Matrix Keypad and text LCD support
  • Power 750mA @ 5V DC
  • Dimensions 4.0 x 5.4 inches
  • Fanless -20 to +70C
  • Optional Extended Temp. Range
  • Optional RS-485 Full/Half Duplex
  • Optional Non-Volatile 32KB SRAM

Hardware Description

The model TS-3300 is a compact, full-featured PC compatible Single Board Computer based on the 386EX processor. If you are coming up from the 8-bit micro controller world, you will find that this product provides much more performance and much quicker development since you can now use standard PC development tools such as Turbo C or Quick Basic. If you have done work in the PC world in the past, you will find you can now build applications for a very small target that does not require a keyboard, video, floppy disks, or hard drives.

You can typically write and debug code on a host PC using standard development tools for the PC platform, then simply copy it to and run it on the TS-3300 without modification. If additional peripherals are required, the PC/104 expansion bus allows for many standard functions available off-the-shelf. It is also very simple to create a custom PC/104 daughter board for those special features that differentiate your product. Technologic Systems can provide technical support as well as a free quotation for any custom hardware, software, or BIOS modifications you may require.

Additional features include:

  • PC compatible based on Intel 386EX @ 33 MHz
    • 2 PC/AT standard serial ports
    • PC/AT standard interrupt control unit
    • PC/AT standard timer/counter unit
    • PC/AT standard Real Time Clock and CMOS
    • Watchdog timer unit
    • Synchronous serial port
  • 8 MB of High Speed SDRAM (16, 32 MB RAM optional)
  • 1 MB Flash disk with full BIOS support
  • IDE Compact Flash socket
  • 10base-T Ethernet interface - LED indicators
  • 40 DIO lines (IRQ capable)
  • 32 Pin JEDEC socket on-board accepts one of the following:
    • M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 Flash Disk (8 to 144 MBytes)
    • or Battery-backed 32 KB SRAM
  • Alphanumeric LCD interface
  • Matrix Keypad interface on DIO2
  • PC/104 8/16 bit bus
  • Rugged quick-release terminal strips used for power
  • Dimensions are 4.0" x 5.4 " (PC/104 mounting holes)
  • Power requirements are 5V DC @ 750mA
  • Operating Temperature Range: Fanless  -20° to +70°C 
  • Optional Extended Temperature Range  -40° to +80°C 
  • Optional RS-485 support on COM1 (full or half duplex)

Software Description

PC compatibility requires much more than just an x86 processor. It requires PC compatible memory and I/O maps as well as a PC compatible BIOS. The General Software EMBEDDED BIOS (Version 4.3) offers a high degree of compatibility with past and present BIOS standards allowing it to run off-the shelf operating systems and application software. This PC compatible BIOS boots to IDE Compact Flash or Drive A and the BIOS is shadowed in RAM for speed.

The TS-3000 computers are shipped, free of charge, with Embedded DOS ROM by General Software. They can also be shipped upon request with Linux pre-installed for a nominal fee. The Linux file system and kernel is also freely available on the web should you wish to install it yourself. Typically, the Linux OS requires a 16MB or larger Compact Flash or an M-Systems DiskOnChip.

Technologic Systems Embedded PCs are compatible with a wide variety of x86-based operating systems. A partial list OS's currently used with our boards by customers includes:

  • TNT Embedded Toolsuite, Phar Lap Software
  • UCos II
  • RTKernel, On Time Software
  • RTEMS, On-Line Applications Research Corporation
  • DOS with WATTCP, public domain TCP/IP source code for DOS
  • Linux

Linux features

  • Available with Linux 2.4 kernel installed on 64 MB or higher Compact Flash
  • Small Linux Initial Ramdisk can fit into onboard 2 MB Flash Drive

DOS Features

  • General Software DOS-ROM included
  • Full TCP/IP library for DOS (Waterloo TCP/IP) with source code included
  • Web server with full source code that can control DIO pins
  • Transfer files to and from the SBC with Zmodem
  • Console redirection over a serial port
  • Example programs with source code included
  • BIOS natively supports Matrix Keypad masqueraded as normal keyboard input to applications with alphanumeric LCD masqueraded as Video Output

OS Compatibility List

  • uC/OS-II Real-time multi-tasking kernel
  • eRTOS embedded Real-Time Operating System
  • microCommander Modular HMI & automation software
  • MicroDigital SMX Modular RTOS for embedded systems
  • QNX Embedded real-time operating system
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