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High-End Performance with Embedded Ruggedness

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Lifecycle: Fully Developed Product
Release Date: August 2007

Available Features

  • 500MHz ARM9 CPU
  • Internal PCI bus, PC/104 connector
  • 128MB DDR-RAM
  • 512MB NAND Flash (17MB/s)
  • 12,000 LUT programmable FPGA
  • 2 SD Card slots (1 micro-SD, 1 full-SD)
  • 2 SATA ports
  • 2 USB 2.0 480Mbit/s Host
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100/1000 speeds
  • 5 10-bit ADC channels
  • 6 serial ports, 2 optional RS-485
  • 110 GPIO (86 as a PC/104 bus)
  • Matrix Keypad and text LCD support
  • Optional Temp Sensor, RTC, and WiFi
  • Low-power (4W @ 5V)
  • Sleep mode (uses 200 microamps)
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Fanless Operation from -20C to +70C
  • Boots Linux in 0.69s from Flash
  • Kernel 2.6 and Debian Linux
  • Eclipse IDE out-of-the-box
  • Supports tsinit self-customization

Additional Information
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The TS-7800 is a RoHS compliant Single Board Computer (SBC) based on a Marvell MV88F5182 500MHz ARM9 CPU. An internal 32-bit PCI bus provides a standard set of high-end on-board peripherals such as 10/100/1000 ethernet, dual SATA and dual High-Speed host/slave USB 2.0. The TS-7800 features 128MB of DDR-RAM and 512MB of high-speed NAND flash.

Hardware Description

The TS-7800 features a 12,000 LUT on-board programmable Lattice FPGA. The FPGA provides extra peripherals such as 110 GPIO lines, additional serial ports, dual 4-bit mode high-speed SD Card sockets (full-size and micro SD Cards), and NAND controller.

All the PC/104 pins are connected straight to the FPGA, giving the TS-7800 the flexibility to add external hardware and physical/transceiver layers. The default TS-7800 FPGA load provides a standard PC/104 bus on the 104-pin connectors, maintaining compatibility with our other ARM SBCs and wide range of PC/104 peripheral boards. The FPGA on the TS-7800 enables simple, inexpensive customization that requires no physical hardware modifications. Should you need a special configuration or a custom load, contact Technologic Systems for FPGA development services.

Backward Compatibility with TS-72xx Boards

The TS-7800 is backward compatible with our TS-72xx computers, providing 3 times more performance and higher-end features with an identical footprint. Most of the headers (DIO, LCD, Power) and connectors (PC/104, USB, Serial, Ethernet) have the same external footprint and board location as the TS-72xx series. This enables easy platform migration, including cabling, enclosures, and external hardware (LCD, keypad, peripherals).

The TS-7800 is the best option for customers in need of higher ARM performance or newer Linux solutions (latest 2.6 kernel). Contact Technologic Systems for information on TS-72xx to TS-7800 upgrades.

FPGA Features

  • Connects to CPU via 50MHz local PCI bus
  • Default load uses GPIO pins as a standard PC/104 ISA bus








Software Description

The TS-7800 uses an improved Linux 2.6 kernel (currently 2.6.21 version) that allows 0.69 second bootup from NAND flash and provides driver support for all on-board hardware. In addition, the 512MB on-board flash enables a full Debian distribution to be installed with a complete embedded development environment. (Sarge-nonEABI and Etch-EABI images available)

The TS-7800 is shipped with Linux kernel 2.6 and the Debian distribution on on-board flash. The default configuration is an embedded system that can run a wide range of server services, desktop-like applications, and development tools.

0.69 Second Linux Fast-Boot

The TS-7800 500MHz ARM9 SBC uses a bootup firmware that enables a Linux 2.6.21 bootup time of 0.69 seconds from on-board NAND flash. The board boots to a minimal kernel and loads an initial RAM disk which has complete access to full-Debian binaries and libraries. The Debian Sarge filesystem can be installed on either the on-board flash or an SD card (either micro or full-size sockets). Extra OS services and drivers are provided as kernel modules which are loaded right after bootup. In addition, extra initialization LinuxRC scripts are provided to enable straight boot-up to the on-board flash, an SD card, or an NFS root filesystem.

After 0.69 seconds, the user has access to a Linux shell prompt and to a Busybox filesystem which enables network services and driver access to most of the TS-7800 hardware. The initialization process is completed in the background (in under 2 seconds). Then the user can take advantage of a complete C/C++ GNU embedded development environment provided by Debian. Alternatively, the user can maximize performance for his embedded application by loading his own Linux application instead of the default /linuxrc script.

The TS-7800 is a fanless, low-power, and rugged Single Board Computer. Therefore, the ultra-fast bootup to Linux can be used in combination with the 200microAmp sleep mode provided by the on-board AVR as an efficient solution for embedded applications which have to periodically wake-up to perform a given task and go back to sleep right after, using little power and with quick feedback.

Bootloader Un-brickable Design

The TS-7800 bootstrap combines FPGA hardware logic, specific boot-up firmware, and kernel tweaks to ensure fast boot time, security, and high board recoverability:

  • Linux-based bootloader boots Linux 2.6 kernel to shell prompt in less than 2 seconds from SD card or on-board flash. A Linux bootload utility is available to boot any other kernel or Operating System image from Linux shell prompt.
  • Un-brickable design ensures 100% recoverability from SD card in case of on-board flash erasure.
  • Full Debian Linux can be installed on on-board flash from a USB flash dongle, eliminating the need to use miniaturized niche embedded Linux distributions or blast/boot boards.
  • SD card security features can be utilized for boot medium verification or booting of locked SD cards.

The TS-7800 is also compatible with other Bootloaders, Linux distributions or Operating Systems. Contact us for further software support regarding the TS-7800.

Eclipse IDE for TS-7000 and Windows

The Eclipse IDE configured for embedded development with the TS-7000 ARM9 computers running Debian Linux is provided along with the 2GB development SD Card. Technologic Systems makes use of the Eclipse Europa release and the DSDP+CDT plugins in order to provide an advanced IDE and makes embedded development easier. ARM crosstool chains, cygwin runtime-libraries and a Java Development Kit are installed on the card, therefore Eclipse IDE will run out-of-the-box (no need for installation) in your Windows PC. The Eclipse environment is already configured to allow a quick startup with a TS-7000 embedded development. After start-up, the installed 'helloworld' example shows the user how to use the Eclipse functionalities, including cross-compilation, build-management configurations, binary download to the TS-7000 target, target management via SSH, FTP, telnet or serial console, client-server debugging with Eclipse debug view, etc.

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