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7" LCD Touch Panel Computer with Power-over-Ethernet option

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Lifecycle: Fully Developed Product
Release Date: April 2009

Available Features

  • Up to 200 MHz ARM Cirrus EP9302

  • 64 MB to 128 MB RAM

    Onboard Storage
  • 512 MB Flash Storage
  • 512 MB NAND Flash Storage

    External Storage
  • 1x full-size SD Socket

    Data Acquisition & Control
  • 28x Digital Input/Output
  • 4x Analog-to-Digital
  • 7x Digital Input
  • 6x Digital Output

  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2x USB Host
  • 4x Serial/COM Port
  • 2x RS-485 Port
  • 1x SPI Bus
  • 1x I2C Bus

  • 1x Touchscreen Interface
  • 7.00'' Screen Diagonal Size
  • 800x480px Width Height Screen Resolution
  • 1x Onboard Speaker

    Onboard Devices
  • 5 KLut Programmable FPGA
  • 1x Battery-Backed Real Time Clock
  • 1x Watchdog Timer
  • 1x Temperature Sensor
  • 1x Power-over-Ethernet

    Operation Temperature
  • -20 °C to 70 °C Fanless Temp Range

    Power Consumption
  • 2.00 W Typical Power Consumption

    Power Supply
  • 5 VDC to 28 VDC Power Supply

  • Linux Kernel 2.6.21

  • 140.2 mm Height
  • 41.9 mm Length
  • 200.2 mm Width

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  • $429 Quantity 10 Price
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  • $417 Quantity 50 Price
  • $409 Quantity 100 Price

Additional Information
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The TS-7395 is a compact full-featured Single Board Computer (SBC) based upon the Cirrus EP9302 200MHz ARM9 CPU, which provides a standard set of on-board peripherals. This product features an on-board FPGA with a dedicated 8MB RAM Framebuffer and a 800x480 video core integrated with a 7-inch Color TFT-LCD panel with TouchScreen Interface, as shown by the TS-TPC-7395 product pictures. The TS-7395 boots Linux2.6 out-of-the-box from on-board NAND flash or an SD Card and the included Debian Linux distribution provides driver and software library support for embedded video/touchscreen applications.

TS-7395 vs TS-7390

The TS-7395 engine for the TS-TPC-7395 was designed to address some design issues presented by the TS-7390, specifically regarding the orientation of the USB and Ethernet connectors. In order to facilitate the mounting of the TS-TPC-7395, the TS-7395 ethernet connector is rotated 90 degrees so the cable does not exit at board edge and the USB connector is now a vertical type. Also, the TS-7395 has only a single ethernet port (instead of 2) and features a POE option (shown in the TS-7395 picture as a green board). However, in terms of software, both products are identical.

Descriptive Product Features

  • Powered by TS-7395 engine
  • 7-inch Color LCD w/ Aluminum Frame
  • 400cd/m^2 (nits) typical brightness
  • 200MHz ARM9 CPU w/ 64MB SDRAM
  • 512MB NAND Flash with Debian Linux
  • 8MB Dedicated Framebuffer video core
  • 800x480 TFT-LCD core w/ video out
  • Expansion bus for daughter cards
  • 4-wire Resistive Touch-Screen
  • 1 10/100 ethernet port w/ PoE option
  • 2 USB 2.0 (12Mbit/s max)
  • 1 SD Card slot (up to 6MB/s DMA)
  • 3 RS-232, 2 RS-485, 1 TTL COM ports
  • 40-pin header with ADC, SPI, I2C, DIO...
  • Industrial Quality Design
  • Audio Speaker
  • Boots Linux 2.6 in about 1 second
  • Unbrickable, boots from SD or NAND
  • Runs X Windows GUI applications
  • Eclipse IDE out-of-the-box

Hardware Description

The TS-TPC-7395 is a low-cost, industrial-grade WVGA touchscreen computer with audio codec, speaker, and silver bezel. Utilizing a low-power EP9302 ARM9 CPU, it requires no fans or heat-sinks. Reliability is enhanced through entirely solid-state operation with no moving parts. The rugged aluminum support elegantly frames the 7-inch TFT LCD, making an ideal solution for mounting on a wall or cabinet. The computer unit is mounted to the back of the panel, providing access to a wide variety of connectors including 1 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port with PoE option, 2 full-speed USB ports, DIO and serial ports. The unit runs Debian Linux 2.6 and Debian Sarge out of the box and is suitable for a wide range of HMI-type and simple GUI applications.

The TS-7395 Engine

The TS-7395 single board computer powers the TS-TPC-7395 Touch Panel Computer. The TS-7395 features a multi-purpose 200MHz ARM9 CPU. It allows development of multi-function embedded applications through its multiple peripheral interfaces, which include on-board RAM, NAND flash, 1 10/100 ethernet port with PoE option, dual USB 2.0 host, serial ports, SD Card socket, A/D channels, digital I/O lines, temperature sensor, real time clock, audio codec and speaker, video framebuffer, touchscreen and LCD video interfaces.

The 40-pin header provides the following features:

  • I2C Bus and SPI Bus
  • 4 12-bit ADC
  • 6 Latched Outputs
  • 7 Buffered Inputs
  • 3 Digital Inputs/Outputs
  • 1 Console COM Port (requires TS-9445 mini-peripheral for RS-232 levels)
  • External Reset, Power, Ground, Frame and JTAG signals

The default load for the 5K LUT LatticeXP2 FPGA provides additional peripherals, such as SD Card socket, extra serial ports and a 800x480 Color TFT-LCD video core. In addition, the FPGA provides an 8-bit multiplexed expansion bus for inclusion of application-specific daughter cards, with the connector pins connected straight to the FPGA.

The TS-7395 engine is extremely rugged and reliable. Temperature operation is fanless and range is industrial standard at lower CPU speeds. The LCD is rated for storage temperature range of -30 to +80 degrees Celsius. The operating range is -20 to +70 degrees Celsius. Power input range is flexible from 5VDC to 28VDC. The power supply for the LCD and the LCD back-light are controlled via software.

The TS-7395 provides multiple COM ports using both TTL (2 total) and RS-232 levels (4 total). Two optional RS-485 ports are also available with DMX/RDM support. The EP9302 processor provides two COM ports (TTL Console at the JTAG header and RS-232 at COM1 header). The remaining COM ports are provided by the FPGA through the proprietary TS-UART core and are 9-bit serial capable.

LCD-Ready Embedded Computers

The TS-7395 is designed specifically as the engine for the TS-TPC-7395. The connectors are not general purpose and will not work with most LCDs, so we do not generally sell the TS-7395 as a stand alone board. If you have an interest in using the TS-7395 in your project, please call us for information about pricing or product customization. Also, for customers looking for a custom SBC solution for their LCD+TouchScreen interfaces of choice, we recommend customization of the TS-7350/TS-7370 LCD-Ready FPGA computers. Contact Technologic Systems should you need more information about custom LCD FPGA designs or assistance with LCD integration.

Software Description

The TS-7395 SBC engine boots to Linux 2.6 from an SD Card using the proprietary TS-SDBOOT bootup firmware residing in FPGA ROM memory in about one second, depending on the SD Card speed and brand. The board can also boot from on-board NAND flash using the TS-NANDBOOT firmware in about the same time. The state of jumper 1 (JP1) controls whether the board boot from NAND or SD.

A valid bootable media (SD Card or NAND flash) must contain a Linux Kernel image, a initial ram disk image and a valid Linux root filesystem. The ultra-fast Linux bootup solution was optimized for speed and includes kernel, initrd and filesystem (Busybox) tweaks. Since this board boots to an initrd (initial ram disk) with a read-only mounted filesystem, it is possible to have something other than a shell prompt running after bootup by editing the /linuxrc shell script on the initrd. Additional TS-7395 software features include:

  • Boots Linux out-of-the-box in about one second (to shell prompt, depending on SD card used).
  • SD card/NAND flash pre-installed with standard Debian Linux distribution.
  • Startup Linux mini-root scripts allows flexible root and backup filesystem selection (SD, NAND, NFS, USB flash) as well as software field upgrade support.
  • Linux "bootload" program allows booting of Linux kernels and other OS's from within Linux itself.
  • Includes FrameBuffer, Video, TouchScreen, Mouse and Keyboard Linux drivers.
  • GUI application development through X Windows Systems (Xorg-Xserver).
  • Other GUI library packages possible/provided.

Bootloader Un-brickable Design

The TS-7395 bootstrap combines FPGA hardware logic, specific boot-up firmware and Kernel tweaks to ensure fast boot time, security, and high board recoverability:

  • Linux-based bootloader boots Linux 2.6 kernel to shell prompt in about one second from SD card or onboard flash. A Linux bootload utility is available to boot any other Kernel or Operation System image from Linux shell prompt.
  • Un-brickable design ensures 100% recoverability from SD card in case of onboard flash erasure.
  • Full Debian linux can be installed on on-board Flash from a USB flash dongle or SD Card, eliminating the need to use miniaturized niche embedded Linux distributions or blast/boot boards.
  • SD card security features can be utilized for boot medium verification or booting of locked SD cards.

Linux 2.6 and Debian Linux

Technologic Systems TS-7395 ARM Single Board Computer (SBC) are compatible with a wide range of Operating Systems (OS's). The Linux choice is highly recommended and our products are totally integrated with the open-source vision. The boards ships with Linux 2.6 Kernel running out-of-the-box. They are the first Technologic Systems EP9302 ARM9 computers which use 2.6 Kernel by default. Linux Kernel includes complete driver support for on-board hardware, enabling quick time to market of end-users applications. Examples and source codes are also available for downloading.

The TS-7395 SBCs are configured to load the Debian Linux OS from either the on-board flash or a SD Card during boot up time. The full featured Debian Linux (version Etch) distribution includes a complete GNU C/C++ embedded development environment installed. In addition, Apache Web Server, FTP, SSH, Telnet and other network services are available with C/PHP for embedded CGI development. Custom Linux GUI applications can be developed using X Windows (Xorg-Xserver included) or QtEmbedded libraries (available for download).

Eclipse IDE for TS-7000 and Windows

The Eclipse IDE configured for embedded development with the TS-7000 ARM9 computers running Debian Linux is provided along with the 2GB development SD Card. Technologic Systems makes use of the Eclipse Europa release and the DSDP+CDT plugins in order to provide an advanced IDE and makes embedded development easier. ARM crosstool chains, cygwin runtime-libraries and a Java Development Kit are installed on the card, therefore Eclipse IDE will run out-of-the-box (no need for installation) on your Windows PC. The Eclipse environment is already configured to allow a quick startup with a TS-7000 embedded development. After start-up, the installed 'helloworld' example shows the user how to use the Eclipse functionalities, including cross-compilation, build-management configurations, binary download to the TS-7000 target, target management via SSH, FTP, telnet or serial console, client-server debugging with Eclipse debug view, etc.

Please contact Technologic Systems for further information regarding Operating System and software support for this product.

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