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Accessories to get your embedded system solution out of the office and into the field including carrier boards for our computer-on-modules, enclosures, development kits, power supplies, battery backups, guaranteed compatible third-party accessories, and more. Everything you need to get your embedded system product up and running, including support directly from engineers like you.

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External Accessories for our Single Board Computers


Prepackaged Connectors for custom Baseboard Design


Panel Mounted 2x24 LCD and 16 Key Keypad

  • Price (Qty. 1): $125


Technologic Systems' enclosures are built specifically for our embedded computing products. Most computers in our product line have an enclosure that will match the board footprint and connector layout. The enclosures bring out a regulated power supply plug and the I/O interfaces through standard connectors, making it easy to use the board inside.

Our rugged metal enclosures are industrial quality and designed for embedded system reliability and longevity under the harshest environmental conditions. Most of our enclosures are made from brushed aluminum for a great-looking, light-weight, super-strong enclosure that will last as long as our boards do. Our older enclosures are steel tops with aluminum bottoms. All metal enclosures have either zinc plating or a clear chem coating for corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

Technologic System is also able to design custom enclosures for your embedded system or your custom board. Contact us for custom enclosure design services.


TS-752 Baseboard with Rugged Metal Enclosure

  • Price (Qty. 100): $115


Rugged Metal Enclosure w/ Extra Functions

  • Price (Qty. 100): $137


Rugged Metal Enclosure

  • Price (Qty. 100): $79


Rugged Metal Enclosure

  • Price (Qty. 100): $79


Rugged Metal Enclosure

  • Price (Qty. 100): $79

Development Kits


Development Kits for TS-ARM Embedded Systems


Development Kits for TS-X86 Embedded Systems

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