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Migrating Maker or Open Hardware Boards to Industrial Applications

From consumer-grade maker boards to industrial-grade production units.

Maker and open hardware board logo collage You have a product that solves a problem, and the entrepreneur in you has identified a need in the commercial or industrial market for it. Now, how might you take your consumer-grade, maker board solution to a commercial/industrial one that is polished, rugged, and long-term? What about developer support and fulfilling 10k unit minimum order quantities? That's the sort of thing we've done for the last 35 years.

Single board computers and computer-on-modules like the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Galileo, and Udoo are fantastic, inexpensive, open, community-fostering products geared for the maker and education communities. These boards are great for a countless number of things, including whipping up products or solutions in a hurry without breaking the bank.

What do you do when you want to take your consumer-grade, maker board solution to something that is long-term? What about fulfilling 10,000 unit order quantities? What if you need expert or customized developer support? That's the sort of thing Technologic Systems does by offering industrial, off-the-shelf embedded products and peripherals, live engineering support, and custom design services with flexible manufacturing.

Familiar development platform. Our products share similar environments and workflows.

Porting your applications to our products can be a snap because our products use the same standard Linux kernel on ARM architecture. We make all cross compile toolchains available for ease of development both onboard and offboard using an IDE of your choice. If that isn't enough, we also offer software and OS porting services.

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ARM Powered with Linux, Android, and Linux
TS-4900 board, schematic, and mechanical drawings

Readily available resources. All schematics, mechanical drawings, source code, manuals, images, and more free for download.

We believe in the Open Source vision, and share all of our schematics, mechanical drawings, and other resources as much as possible. Source code is available on our GitHub page. Our FTP respository stores all of the kernel binaries, distribution files, and disk images you need to boot your board, with no need for tape cutters or registration.

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Engineered to stick around. Painstakingly chosen long life, rugged components.

We have never discontinued a product, nor do we plan on it. We work hard on mitigating risk associated with EOL parts. In the event of a component going EOL, we will work with suppliers to obtain a large last time buy and even begin engineering an upgrade path. You focus on development while we handle scalability and supplier risks.

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No end of life
Suggested board thumbnails for makers

Dipping your toes. You'll feel right at home with these off the shelf products.

If you're a single board computer user, you'll like the TS-7600 for the small form factor or the TS-7400-V2 for its low cost. If you're coming from something like the Raspberry Compute Module, we'd recommend giving the TS-4900 a shot. We also have development baseboards like the TS-8550 to get you started working with your computer-on-module.

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Truly customize your product. Ground-up custom boards or COTS derivatives.

Even with access to the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry, sometimes you need a true custom embedded computer solution. We offer customization services for off-the-shelf derivatives as well as fully custom single board computers, computer-on-modules, touch panel PCs, and industrial controllers.

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Custom engineering 5 step process

Increased Expertise and Reduced Risk

Quality Products Designed, Assembled & Tested in the USA

Accelerated Time to Market:
Idea to Prototype in 4-8 Weeks

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Highest Quality Products and Service

Reliable Partner with 35 Years Experience

Never Discontinued a Product:
10+ Year Lifecycle Guarantee

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