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Custom Embedded Hardware Design

Solutions for thousands of ODM/OEM customers through custom hardware designs in single board computers, computer-on-modules, touch panel PCs, and peripherals.

Custom Design Process If our wide range of SBCs, options and peripherals don't quite meet your design needs, we can modify existing products or design a completely custom embedded computer (x86 or ARM) or peripheral board. Because our engineers design only embedded systems, we can reduce the risk associated with your embedded project and decrease your time to market.

Technologic Systems has been designing embedded solutions for over 33 years. Our engineers are experienced in assisting customers with both embedded hardware and embedded software design. We have assisted customers with the development of solutions for many industries including energy generation, manufacturing process control, medical, traffic management, printing system management, communication infrastructure, website hosting, data gathering and laboratory test equipment.

We can provide the embedded hardware and software you need to meet your embedded project requirements. When the addition of your feature can economically be included in one of our existing SBCs, we will modify the board for a semi-custom solution. When needed, we will develop a new embedded SBC or peripheral board to meet your requirements. Depending on the design agreement, you might maintain sole ownership of the final product, or we might add the product to our COTS product line.

Case Studies and Example Projects

Single Board Computer

Example Custom Single Board Computer Design

Needing a custom single board computer solution for vehicle tracking, a customer identified us as an ideal partner because of our experience, low-cost, and flexible manufacturing. Together, we were able to create a new single board computer solution with a unique form factor and options, including GPS and cellular modems. The customer was extremely pleased with our level of support, pricing, and turnaround time.


  • GPS tracking capabilites
  • GPRS/HSPA+ cellular daughter card
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Standard CAN port connection

PC/104 Module

Example Custom Peripheral Design

How to optimize and control a solar field to match utility demand? This was the challenge of one customer, looking for a standard PC/104 module with many high-speed ADC channels. They had seen that we had PC/104 design experience and direct access to talk to engineering. We worked together to create a custom module with 24 high-speed ADC channels to monitor and control solar panels for optimum performance.


  • Fast simultaneous sampling
  • Large number of channels
  • Large FIFO
  • Ability to set time between samples atomically

Touch Panel PC

Example Custom Touch Panel PC Design

For a digital signage application, a customer required a 10" touch panel PC paired with a high performance computer-on-module. Impressed with our 7" TS-TPC-8390-4900 offering, they contacted us to discuss customizing and adding features, like Gigabit Ethernet and mSATA SSD. In a short amount of time, we were able to partner together to create what is now known as the TS-TPC-8950-4900 with a large, attractive screen for advertising.


  • 10" screen powered by TS-4900
  • High-speed connectivity via GbEth
  • Support for options like mSATA SSD, Cell Modem, GPS radio
  • Sleep mode and touch wake up

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