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Embedded Systems Software

We provide complete embedded solutions, not just hardware. Lean on our innovative, bundled software and support packages so you can concentrate on your end product.

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Board Support Packages. Including Linux, Yocto, Android, Windows, QNX, and more.

We support the open-source vision by offering Linux preloaded with all of our systems. We also support choice and want you to feel comfortable in your development environment, so we've also ported Yocto, Android, Windows, and QNX to some our newest products.

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Optimized Bootup. Unparalleled bootloaders for speedy, powerful, and flexible bootup.

With features like sub-second bootup times and NFS boot, our bootloaders are out-of-the-box ready for your application. We not only offer our specialized TS-BOOTROM bootloader, we also use RedBoot and U-Boot bootloaders.

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Fastboot Terminal
ARM logo on TS board

ARM Expertise. Highly focused ARM experience for demanding applications.

We provide software solutions for our ARM computers which include bootup firmwares and complete Linux operating systems and distributions. In addition, we offer tailored software solutions that leverage the potential of our computers, such as fast bootup Linux and the Linux boots Linux mechanism.

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Batteries Included. User space utilities are included for immediate development.

The minutia of dealing with address lookups and registers have been taken care of through included user space utilities. We want to make it easy for you to get the most out of our hardware without the need to get overly intimate with the board components.

User Space Utilities
Services Integration

Custom Software Services. Making ends connect for a complete system integration.

Embedded system integrations involve a complex array of moving parts like operating systems, application software, and extra interface cards, where both custom hardware and software solutions are required. Let the engineers with internal product knowledge get your system running.

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Increased Expertise and Reduced Risk

Quality Products Designed, Assembled & Tested in the USA

Accelerated Time to Market:
Idea to Prototype in 4-8 Weeks

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Highest Quality Products and Service

Reliable Partner with 35 Years Experience

Never Discontinued a Product:
10+ Year Lifecycle Guarantee

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