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Real Time Application Interface for TS-7200 series SBC's


TS-Linux embedded distribution, based on Kernel Linux 2.4.26 for Cirrus EP9301 ARM9, now has support for ADEOS and "Classic" RTAI 3.2 (Vulcano branch), providing an advanced environment for development of specific real-time applications. The RTAI API is available for real-time programming in both kernel space and user space, through the LXRT scheduler. This port allows, for example, to build automation control systems with inexpensive hardware.

Technologic System provides a Starter Guide for users and developers interested in getting involved with RTAI for the TS-7200 ARM SBC family.

The development of ADEOS porting for EP9301 processor running on TS-7200 and TS-7250 boards is not yet finished and we welcome any contributions or improvements from the open source community. For those interested in improving it, a patch for ts8-kernel and related instructions are available in the "Getting Started with RTAI" documentation. Though ADEOS works fine when compiled inside the kernel, it is unstable when built as a kernel module.

For further information about the port of ADEOS to EP9301 (ARM920T), the specific issues and performance results, please find in the link below the message submitted by Michael Neuhauser to "Adeos-main" mailing list, on December 13th, 2004.

Some notes on Adeos on ARM 920T (EP9301) with Linux


Additional files and newer versions of the following files can also be obtained through the Technologic Systems' ftp server at ftp://ftp.embeddedarm.com/misc/rt.

Linux for TS-7200 series ARM SBC's

Learn more about Linux for TS-7200 ARM SBCs at our Linux for ARM web page.

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