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Linux 2.6 for TS-7200 Computers


The 2.6.21 Linux Kernel released along the TS-7800 SBC includes preliminary support for the TS-7200, TS-7250, TS-7260. Also, the TS-7300 and TS-7400 computers are supported. The Kernel tarball can be found at:

IMPORTANT: Although 2.6 Kernel is available for the TS-72XX series, Technologic Systems will always continue shipping the 2.4 Kernel as a standard OS for the TS-72XX platform to reinforce its compatibility and long life-cycle policy. The 2.6 Kernel for TS-72XX is for Kernel developers and advanced users only. For customers requiring the 2.6 Kernel, Technologic Systems recommends the TS-7800 platform instead.

This Kernel does not use code from the Cirrus Logic 2.6 port. Technologic Systems incorporated patches and community code to the TS-7800 Kernel, making it compatible with the TS-72XX platform. The Kernel boots stably using a NFS root file-system. Onboard storage memory (NAND/NOR/CF) support was not tested. Credit for the 2.6 Kernel work must be given to the TS-7000 community of Linux users and developers:

2.6 Kernel Utility Files

In order to compile and boot the 2.6.21 Kernel with TS-72XX series, the following tools and resources are available:

2.6 Kernel How To

Follow the steps below to compile a 2.6 Kernel for the TS-72XX platform:

  1. Download and install (decompress) the cross-compiler on your Linux x86 PC
  2. Download and install (decompress) the 2.6 Kernel source tree on your Linux x86 PC
  3. Edit the Makefile at the Kernel root dir to point to the appropriate cross-compiler path
  4. type “make ts72xx_defconfig
  5. type “make menuconfig” and edit the boot command line and other options of interest (optional)
  6. type “make

The new Kernel will be at “arch/arm/boot”. After you succeed compiling the Kernel, you can use the Linux Bootload functionality to boot the new 2.6 Kernel (zImage file) from the actual 2.4 Kernel:

Once the above files are installed at your TS-72XX system, use the following commands to boot to a zImage file:

# insmod -f bootloader.o
# bootload zImage

When using the Linux Bootload, you can also specify a new command line for the Kernel. Use the following command to check the extra “bootload” options:

# bootload --help

Alternatively, Redboot can also be used in order to boot the new Kernel. Refer to our Linux documentation to learn how to use Redboot.

A suggested 2.6 Kernel command line to be used with the provided Debian filesystem in a NFS root setup is:

console=ttyAM0,115200 ip=dhcp init=/sbin/init root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=<SERVER IP>:<PATH TO NFS ROOT>

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