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Software Services
Customized Embedded Software Solutions for our Single Board Computers

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Technologic Systems specializes in providing complete embedded systems solutions. We design complete solutions from hardware schematic and PCB to operating systems porting and application development. Although we focus on good hardware design as the base for a successful product, we are aware that the software solution provided is the most important decision factor for many customers. Out-of-the-box productivity is achieved through an efficient board support package (BSP).

Technologic Systems provides embedded operating systems porting services. If your embedded project requires an operating system that is not provided by Technologic Systems off-the-shelf, you can still use our embedded computers for your project. Let us port your operating system of choice. We are experienced with Linux, DOS, NetBSD and other operating systems.

Technologic Systems provides system integration services. We can help you with the tricky stages of your embedded project by assuming the responsibility for hardware-specific tasks, such as device driver development and hardware/software integration. This allows you to focus on what really matters to you the application development. Deliver your project on time with our help.

Technologic Systems provides system customization services. We can save you setup time by shipping the products loaded with your configuration. This also increases overall system reliability since all our boards are fully tested prior to shipping.

Technologic Systems engineers have the expertise to develop with many different software solutions. We are able to integrate advanced software technologies with our low-power and high-reliability embedded computers. Contact us for our software services.

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