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Solutions for X86
Operating Systems & Bootloaders for
X86 Single Board Computers

PC compatibility requires much more than an X86 processor. It requires PC compatible memory and I/O maps as well as a PC compatible BIOS. The General Software EMBEDDED BIOS (Version 4.3) offers a high degree of compatibility with past and present BIOS standards allowing it to run off-the shelf operating systems and application software. This PC compatible BIOS boots to IDE Compact Flash or Drive A and the BIOS is shadowed in RAM for speed.

The TS-5000 and the TS-3000 computers are shipped, free of charge, with Embedded DOS ROM by General Software. They can also be shipped upon request with Linux pre-installed for a nominal fee. The Linux file system and kernel is also freely available on the web should you wish to install it yourself. Typically, the Linux OS requires a 16MB or larger Compact Flash or an M-Systems DiskOnChip.



All Technologic Systems X86 single board computers have GS-DOS pre-installed on the A: drive. GS-DOS can be used as the primary OS, or as a backup OS when re-flashing the BIOS. Other compatible DOS versions include MS-DOS, Datalight DOS, and DR-DOS. Contact Technologic Systems for license cost of Datalight DOS or DR-DOS.

DOS Features

  • General Software DOS-ROM included
  • Full TCP/IP library for DOS (Waterloo TCP/IP) with source code included
  • Web server with full source code that can control DIO pins
  • Transfer files to and from the SBC with Zmodem
  • Console redirection over a serial port
  • Example programs with source code included
  • BIOS natively supports Matrix Keypad masqueraded as normal keyboard input to applications with alphanumeric LCD masqueraded as Video Output

Supporting Pages



Each X86 single board computer boots to an embedded PC BIOS which configures the system prior to loading the operating system. Our products use an adapted BIOS made by General Software. The BIOS is designed to provide the standard set of interrupt calls expected of a PC, as well as emulating floppy disks in Flash memory via the standard floppy BIOS call and redirecting the PC console to a COM port.

Supporting Pages

BIOS user's manual with interrupt reference
Manufacturing mode serial host program

TS-Host PC program connects via COM port to save/restore BIOS, DOS, or Flash drive (A:) This version works with the TS-2000 and TS-3000 series of products (except TS-3100).

Manufacturing mode driver

Maps EPC Flash drive as next DOS drive on host. (mfgdrv.sys requires DOS 6.22 or older) see the FAQ on manufacturing mode and Flash drives. This version works with the TS-2000 and TS-3000 series of products (except TS-3100).

Linux OS


Technologic Systems is proud to support the Linux operating system on our X86 single board computers. TS-Linux is a PC compatible embedded Linux distribution built from open source. Linux is highly suitable for embedded applications, as it increases driver support and makes network integration easier. There is a tailored Linux Kernel for each our single board computers, along with complete driver support for the hardware. The kernel source is also provided to end users to enable custom changes and development.

Linux Features

  • Available with Linux 2.4 kernel installed on 64 MB or higher Compact Flash
  • Small Linux Initial Ramdisk can fit into onboard 2 MB Flash Drive

TS-Linux Features

  • Glibc version 2.2.5
  • Kernel version 2.4.18 and 2.4.23
  • Apache web server with PHP
  • Telnet server and client
  • FTP server and client
  • BASH, ASH, minicom, vi, busybox, tinylogin, and other basic utilities included total footprint less than 18 MB (requires 32 MB or larger CF card)
  • Based upon Linux From Scratch V3.1

Linux Logo

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Other Operating Systems


Technologic Systems Embedded PCs are compatible with a wide variety of x86-based operating systems. A partial list OSes currently used with our boards by customers includes:

  • TNT Embedded Toolsuite, Phar Lap Software
  • UCos II
  • RTKernel, On Time Software
  • RTEMS, On-Line Applications Research Corporation
  • DOS with WATTCP, public domain TCP/IP source code for DOS
  • Linux 2.6

OS Compatibility List

  • uC/OS-II Real-time multi-tasking kernel
  • eRTOS embedded Real-Time Operating System
  • microCommander Modular HMI & automation software
  • MicroDigital SMX Modular RTOS for embedded systems
  • QNX Embedded real-time operating system



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