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TS-SILO Power Reserve Solution

Soldered Super Capacitor Solution to Provide Power Backup

TS-SILO. Providing 20 to 60 seconds of reserve power.

Offered as an on-board, soldered solution in our newer single board computer products TS-SILO uses super capacitors to provide 20 to 60 seconds of power hold. This is enough time to gracefully shutdown when a power outage is detected. Once depleted of stored energy, TS-SILO can be fully recharged in under a minute.

  • Charge and discharge are internally managed by the on-board supervisory microcontroller, meaning the end user application doesn't have to deal with it.
  • We provide a simple bash script daemon in our stock image to monitor the charge level and status of external input power. This issues a safe shutdown automatically when external power is lost and the charge level falls below a specified (and configurable) level.
  • Provides Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) behavior on the device itself; no other external circuitry is required to take advantage of this.